When you are considering bulk email marketing solutions for your business, it is easy to get a little lazy about it and lean towards the cheaper option.

After all, 85% of them just threw in the same keywords to entice you into how great they are. This indicates that they are very high.

Why on earth would you not choose the cheapest automation solution, if everything is almost the same?

I agree. I see how this happens and this is a completely valid approach. While we are here to try and help autoresponders, these tools are best suited for your business and there is a good chance that they will not be cheap and easy.

Key differences between GetResponse vs ConvertKit

The main point differences between GetResponse and ConvertKit are:

  • GetResponse provides a unique webinar automation autoresponder workflow builder, but ConvertKit does not.
  • The GetResponse is ideal for marketers, but Convertkit is best for subscriptions.
    GetResponse charges for duplicate sign-ups but this is not the case with Convertkit
  • When you start looking under the hood of these products, you can really start to know what they are doing and how well they work no matter what your company does.

Lets have a look at differences through the chart below:


ConvertKit vs Getresponse

ConvertKit vs Getresponse

Overview of Features

Getresponse Features


Getresponse features


There’s really nothing big to say about GetResponse startup features. It really is the most basic email marketing activity out there and a little basic marketing automation. Yet It’s powerful, and it definitely rolls you over. Start Your Getresponse 30 day free trial from here.

It always seems strange to me to talk about GetResponse’s webinar function, which is one of the features introduced in their second tier. It always seemed to me that a marketer who needed it would work in a place like this. This can be useful if they are pushing a product that needs clarity or perhaps some kind of educational service.

Either way, when you move to the second level of GetResponse, you can set up a webinar for up to 100 people. Other additional features at this stage include triggers for your automation, such as landing page builders when someone leaves their cart on your eCommerce site, as well as event tracking from the web.

By the time you reach the third level, GetResponse will start to look like an agency rather than a digital marketing tool, because this bundle includes advertising consulting. This is a relatively common feature at high SaaS levels, where the provider provides you with a real human person to work with to ensure the success of your campaigns.

This range also includes integration with Salesforce CRM. I love it – I’m a big fan of the things I use that connect with other things I use. It is not clear whether it can be integrated with other packages.

With a dedicated account manager the top tier for you goes to the entire agency.

ConvertKit Features


ConvertKit features


Focusing on the niche as bloggers, ConvertKit has become very smart and has developed a plugin for WordPress. WordPress is one of the top blogging platforms, and the ability to customize content through its plugins without coding knowledge is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

This means that ConvertKit knows about its audience, and they spend more time writing than recognizing the coding. Start a 14 day free trial of ConvertKit.

To make it easier, ConvertKit mostly has an “if it is, that” approach. I say this because its main features seem to depend on the drop order of the emails, where an appropriate email will be sent to anyone depending on the action they take in relation to your campaign so if they buy anything, or cart, or even look at the promotional page.


It has my favorite opt-in form (as well as: double opt-in forms). This is a convenient way to have a dedicated, sharp-looking landing page without too many headaches, and it is internally linked to your e-mail marketing efforts.




I am a big fan of data analysis and know as much as possible about the audience I am talking to. For me, this is where the convertkit comes in handy. When you log in, you will be shown a graph showing the performance of your subscriptions and some information about the options, but not about it.

If you are equally data-obsessed, you may also be disappointed by this. You can use Google Analytics and its custom promotional URL builder to help you, but I will use it in conjunction with the data available from the email provider.

Getresponse Vs ConvertKit Pricing comparison

Getresponse pricing

As standard for similar digital marketing automation tools, GetResponse has a Tiered Pricing System where the price varies based on what you want or need. The main variables are the features you want and the number of people you want to contact.

Let’s start with their most basic package. If you want to contact 1,000 people, it costs $ 15 a month. If you are new to email marketing, this is not a bad starter package, and will definitely allow you to achieve ground running.


Getresponse pricing


While this is a basic package, its functionality is largely based on those emails. But when you are doing something like this for the first time, I think it is best to set aside your time and get a firm grip on one aspect of it, before handing over more cash to items that look great on the sales pitch. But it was not fully understood.

While the basic package mostly hangs on email, you get marketing automation functionality and landing page templates for campaigns and sign-up forms — just enough to keep you rolling.

As your business grows, you can keep that basic package and its functionality up to 100,000 customers to get started with your automation tools. If you go that far, it will cost you $ 450 a month. Frankly, if I have 100,000 customers, I would like to upgrade to find the most efficient way to handle all of them!

ConvertKit Pricing



Unlike GetResponse, there is no free version of ConvertKit. I know, there are a lot of email marketing solutions that offer some kind of free plan experience, but it’s just like paying for a month without a contract commitment to watch. How do you get it?

It comes with a two-week free trial, but it may not be enough unless you have someone dedicated to email marketing.


Convertkit pricing


For a month’s service cost that is not suitable for your business, it’s a bit free so it’s worth spending a little money on it now rather than just a service, and it will lead to headaches when you do not do what you want.

However, the Convert Kit has three regular tires. Each range offers the same features, the price increase depends entirely on the number of customers you want to reach. How it breaks down.


ConvertKit Vs Getresponse User Interface

Getresponse UI




GetResponse seems to have established itself not just as an email marketing platform but as a CRM platform. It has some advantages and disadvantages.

For a newcomer to email marketing, this can be a little daunting. I appreciate that all you really want to do is spin the ball in your email marketing.

On the other hand, if you have some understanding of CRM and what they do, but know that you do not need to complete it, GetResponse may be the right lighting, which works as a “light CRM”. It looks like they removed a lot of CRM functionality to focus on their email capability.

In terms of its general usability, everything is navigated from the menu leading to the header. Menu titles are mostly self-explanatory, so even beginners will find it very difficult to find their way and do what they need to do.

As soon as you log in to GetReponse, it will start begging you for your contact list. I mean, I think it’s very comprehensive in doing this, but it’s very necessary. Trust me I need something more for my development before I start handing out my contact information. I’m sure it’s completely harmless. Even then

One thing I think will be an attractive package for newcomers is that they offer free counseling sessions for new customers. I think it’s great to have access to email marketing tools, especially for those who are completely new and able to do so with some initial guidance.

ConvertKit UI

If ConvertKit free trial is specifically targeted at bloggers, you can be sure that it will be super-user friendly and even avoid remote technicalities such as plague. It definitely keeps its bloggers happy! Most coding you need to do if you are making changes to some HTML code to improve your email design.

There really is nothing more to say about it. Due to its anti-tech nature, I would say that this is one of the easiest solutions imaginable, thanks in a small part to its WordPress plugin. Navigation menus are very self-explanatory, and even if you have never seen an email marketing package before, it’s easy to find your way.

As well as WordPress offers many other integrations as one of its features (including many Zapier integration options). Perfect to make, any of these are easy … as well as … integrated.

No more than GetResponse, they let their customer service team know the potential. They offer regular training sessions to help you make the most of their package.

If you have more than 5,000 customers, they have a dedicated team to assist you in your transition from other tools. After seeing how confusing it can be if you start your email marketing with the wrong solution, I know that being available is a great service!

ConvertKit Vs Getresponse – Which One You Should Go For?

I think GetResponse has heavily targeted those who use email marketing for sales. I know it sounds weird. Mean, I think sales professionals will benefit more from it than just marketing or just focusing on information email.

In particular, its split functionality illustrates this. This suggests that people who know enough about their audience know that they are not the same and that a little personalization goes a long way. I think it comes back to what I was saying about being a lightweight CRM.

The lack of in-depth analysis also suggests this conclusion, because marketers want to know everything about the audience from what they eat for breakfast.

It’s nice to see more integrations than salesforce, but salesforce is one of the most popular products on the planet, so I suspect it’s mostly stuck to them for business!

Although ConvertKit says they can do things outside of blogging for marketing software, I’m a little skeptical. Its functionality cannot be applied to other types of online outlets, but I do object to how appropriate they are.

I like ConvertKit. I’m not running a professional blog, but I’m looking at how it’s a spot-on tool to engage directly with the audience.

It avoids all technologies and keeps bloggers comfortable with the WordPress platform – and there are many more – a small plugin from ConvertKit that will definitely make them happy. For example, displaying your favorite sign-up form builder is as easy as toggling a switch in WordPress.

I personally prefer Getresponse and have tried its services. Share your preference in the comment section below. Thank you.

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