You want to get a positive first impression with new visitors. When they visit your site, they are interested in your products or services and want you to become a customer.

If your website is not good, there is a risk of forming a negative first impression with your visitors, as 94% of the first impressions are related to the design of your website.

In addition to creating the first impression of your site design, it has the power to determine if one is being marketed for your business.

How does web design improve sales?

Keep reading to learn more about how improving your site design will increase your business revenue!

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How Does Web Design Affect Your Online Sales?

Web design can help you increase sales and improve your company’s revenue. How does web design really improve sales?

Let’s look at some statistics that show the design impact on sales:

75% of feedback on website credibility comes from web design
When users view your site, they will determine if you are trustworthy based on your design. So, if your current design expires, visitors will not consider you trustworthy and will stay away from your site. This can cause you to lose sales for your business.

When you improve your website design, you improve your site credibility. A clean and modern website makes it convenient for visitors to browse or shop on your page. As a result, they are more likely to buy from your business.

Improving the design of your website will increase its credibility, which will increase your company’s sales. This is basically How web design affects sales.

89% of people shop with a competitor after a bad customer experience

Want to know how web design improves sales?

Start by looking at how your website design affects the user experience.

If your site is old and difficult to use, your visitors will not be on it. They will leave your site and visit the competitor’s website, resulting in a loss of sales.



However, a website that offers a positive experience with a great design will, however, engage people on your site. Not only will you attract them with an attractive site‌, you will also have a website that is easy and convenient for your visitors to use.

This improved design will drive more engagement and sales for your business.

38% of people stop joining when the website is not attractive
If your website does not look attractive, people will stop joining it.

Your audience wants to interact with and attract attention. The obsolete website causes people to leave, which means they do not become sales to your company.

However, by investing in professional web design, you can get more sales and revenue for your business. You can create a more attractive site that attracts the attention of your visitors and motivates them to engage with your content

5 Ways to Improve Your Web Design to Increase Sales

“How Do Web Design Improve Sales?” You have the answer to the question. And learn the importance of web design for sales, so now is the right time to learn how you can drive more sales by improving your site design.



1. Integrate Responsive Design

When you know the importance of web design for sales, you can understand the impact of having a functional site that attracts your audience. The first step to increasing sales is to integrate a responsive design.

The responsive design ensures that your site is compatible with any device that anyone can use.

If someone accesses your website on their mobile device, the responsive design ensures that your site fits on a small screen. Users get the greatest experience they can get when they access your site on the desktop. Learn the difference b/w Adaptive v/s Responsive web design

You need to integrate responsive design into your site as 37% of users have the opportunity to shop from mobile responsive websites. A good responsive website design can help you increase sales for your business.

2. Stand out on your Call to Action (CTA) page

If you want to increase sales with web design, focus on your call to action.

When your visitors like the information on your site and want to take the next step, they look to the CTA for guidance. If your CTAs are not specific on the page or do not tell your audience how to proceed, you will lose selling your business.

You can increase sales with web design by creating CTAs from your page.

See this example from Apple:

The blue CTA displays the white design of the page. It is detailed and tells the user what happens when they click on the CTA. So if someone clicks on the CTA, he adds the product to his bag.

When you have a good website design, your CTAs will stand on the page and provide a detailed description of what happens when the button is clicked. Instead of having a CTA that says “Click here”, “Click here to sign up for your free trial!” You need a detailed CTA!

3. Use High-Quality Visuals

If you want to increase sales with web design, focus on using high-quality visuals.

You want to use local visuals – stock photos or graphics may seem impersonal and your audience may see them being used on other sites.

Adding visuals to your website will help you engage the leads in the long run, which will lead to more sales for your company. Learn about image alt text.

4. Create an Organized Navigation

If you’re still asking, “How does web design improve sales?” It’s time to look at one of the most important aspects of web design: your navigation. When you invest in web design, focus on creating easy-to-use organized navigation.

With organized navigation, people can find your products or services faster and easier, which increases the chances of selling for your business.

Take the apple for example:


website tips & trends in 2021


Their navigation is handled by the products they sell. They have special categories for their computers, iPods, and iPhones, as well as watches and TVs.

Visuals play a key role in engaging your audience on your page.

When you have text blocks on your page and there is nothing to break them, you run the risk of turning your visitors away from engaging with your site. Text walls can seem bulky, causing users to bounce off your website.

Additionally, if your visuals are not as high quality as product images, your audience will not be able to see them. This will give them a bad impression of your site and make visitors feel that your website is unreliable.

Good website design includes high-quality visuals that help enhance the user experience. You can use photos, videos, or graphics to add a visual pop to your site.

This navigation makes it easier for buyers to find the product they need.

When it comes to your navigation, you need to make sure that your audience has relevant information. Use broad categories and manage related subcategories under them. This will help you to create organized navigation so that your audience can access information faster.

5. Use white space

If you want to increase sales with web design, make sure you use white space.

Most companies make the mistake of trying to fill every inch of their website with information or visuals. The reality, however, is that overloading your site can further distract and overwhelm your visitors.

White space is fundamental to good design. It allows you to create a great site and keep your audience focused on important information.

The Apple website is an excellent example of how to use white space to keep visitors focused.
When you use white space, you focus your audience on important information and motivate them to stay on your site longer. Prolonged engagement can lead to increased sales of your business.

6. Speed ​​up your site


website traffic tips


Did you know that slow loading sites lose $ 2.6 billion in revenue annually?

If your site does not load quickly, you will lose selling your business. But with web design, you can improve your site load time and, therefore, get more sales for your company. 

To see your site’s current load time, you can input your URL into Google PageSpeed ​​Insights and view your site’s current load time. If your site is not good, you can take Google suggestions and try to improve to help your site load faster.

If you do not have time or do not know where to start to improve your site design you can also invest in page speed services from a digital marketing company. Learn 25 tips to bring traffic to your website.

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