What is Social Customer Service?

Social customer service is the act of providing customer support through social media channels. Many companies are now using social media to enhance their call-based customer support activities. These include resolving complaints, answering questions, providing guidance, and issuing refunds through social media.



Social customer service may be part of marketing due to the nature of social media. Or, at the most, the process may be part of the responsibilities of the call center team. In organizations with an active online customer base, social customer service provides an affordable alternative to other types of customer service. The call center team is easily trained to support customers through social channels. Specific workflows, training, and software are readily available to them to effectively address customer issues.

Why should you provide social customer service?

When customers ask their customer service questions on social media they expect answers from them. 80% of millennials prefer to use social media for customer service via web, phone, or online chat and usage is increasing in other populations. Social customer care is no longer an optional initiative for companies that want to satisfy their customers — it is a must.

Companies also benefit from providing social customer service from an operational perspective. The average call cost per call center for an organization is $ 6. Social customer service engagement averages $ 1. And social customer service agents can enhance the brand’s reputation and get potential issues by staying in touch with customers online. Learn about cross-channel marketing.

In addition, progressive companies use social channels to advance customer service. They reach out to customers to resolve issues before the complaint begins. It promotes a significant competitive edge and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Why is Social Customer service important?


social customer service


Today’s customers expect excellent social media customer service from leading brands. As more and more customers reach out to brands through social channels, it is important to bring out your brand and provide a great customer support experience. But, you have to be careful because whatever you say will be observed and criticized by thousands of people. So, how do you create a positive brand impression on social media? Which social support strategy gets the customer option?

Provide social media customer service with your customers

One of the first challenges in providing great social customer service is deciding where to focus your time and resources.



To be engaged, your support team must be available on the platforms that your customers prefer. For most companies, that means Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You may also have customers who use Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Find your brand likes, tags, and quotes on social media to find out where your customers are. Manual searches can be done using the Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram search bar. But if you really want to keep a close eye on what customers are saying about your company online, consider investing in a social media monitoring tool. These platforms use sophisticated algorithms to track every mention of your brand online to keep you at the forefront.

If your audience does not talk much about you, look for ways to engage your business in relevant industry conversations. Try to add value to the conversation to increase engagement.

The consumer – not the business – has the most authority over the brand image on social media. Ignoring conversations on sites like Facebook and Twitter can have surprising consequences. Convince & change that not responding to customer complaints on social media will reduce customer loyalty by 50%.

Track and manage your customer support volume

Some companies see a lot of “noise” on social media platforms, such as quotes that do not require a response. His challenge is to get out of the mess to prioritize comments that require action. Other companies find that most comments are requests directly to customer service.

Depending on the amount of customer feedback and the size of your staff, you may want to use technology to help you. Some customer service platforms can track social media inquiries and turn them into support tickets. This makes it easier to solve problems by responding to them on the platform where customers come from. Learn about 13 social media trends & opportunities.

The context in which an integrated, multi-channel customer service platform can provide. The more you can see about customer history the better.

Has there been any public or previous conversations with this customer? Who did you negotiate with, and what was the outcome? Have they had a similar problem before? Has he already tried to get support through other channels or is social media his first line of defense? If agents have already stored this user data, they can reduce back and forth inquiries.

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