The highest cost-to-benefit ratio for businesses comes from email marketing. For relatively low cost and effort, you can get your business in front of interested customers.

Email marketing is also an excellent tool for developing and maintaining customer relationships – but to achieve this, you need support. Automated services take time and hassle out of your hands. A trusted program can help you prepare emails, create conditions for sending them, maintain your contact list, and assist you with all aspects of your email marketing campaigns.

There are so many advanced options for email marketing companies that it is difficult to choose them. This is a very important part of your business marketing strategy, you need to carefully consider what results in you want to achieve and the type of business you are promoting.

Comparison of heavyweights

Let’s start by comparing GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign with some of the best in business – they are well-known and widely used options for small and medium businesses to manage their email marketing campaigns. There are two of them.

Both are very popular options, with automation systems and excellent tools and functionalities to support businesses from broadcasts to email templates. However, they have different significances, they attract a slightly different audience.

GetResponse is a comprehensive tool that is a little easier for most people to use. Built to work as an all-in-one platform, it completes its email features with webinars, landing pages, email templates, and many other tools.

ActiveCampaign is considered to be a more targeted and focused tool with a greater focus on automation. It is less suitable for full beginners but offers increased options for those looking for a higher level of customization. It has a CRM tool to help you collaborate and follow up on opportunities and features like SMS marketing, covering only GetResponse by integrating other tools.

Let us briefly consider these two options.

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What is GetResponse?


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GetResponse has been a leader in the industry since 1998 — making it one of the longest-running email marketing options out there. Award-winning company self-description as one of the most user-friendly options for sending email marketing‌ such as newsletters, campaigns, online surveys, and autoresponders.

Landing Page Builder and many other unique features make it the first choice for thousands of businesses around the world and one billion monthly customers. They provide an easy-to-use “drag and drop” email editor, a wide range of templates, and many other features to support a successful email campaign.

They offer many plans like Email, Pro, Max, and Enterprise. Prices increase with the number of customers on your contact list. Businesses can choose to pay in advance for a year or two or use the service on a monthly subscription.


What is an ActiveCampaign?


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With thousands of happy customers, ActiveCampaign is another big player in email marketing solutions. Their goal is to send businesses fewer emails but to get better results. One of the biggest drawcards for ActiveCampaign is the high level of services that automation provides.

They combine marketing automation, email marketing tools, and sales CRM on a single platform. The tools help businesses generate emails, target customers based on their transactions with the business and then track leads and other details to collect and understand CRM data.

ActiveCampaign integrates with over 700 other apps and services, expands its functionality, and creates an all-in-one system designed to help businesses grow.

Let’s see how these two marketing companies find each other.

Number of contacts

ActiveCampaign offers plans from 500 contacts, but options are available with a maximum of 100,000 contact lists. Depending on the level of the plan, the number of contacts allowed increases, and the cost increases as the allowance increases.

GetResponse offers a maximum of 1,000 contacts on its minimum plan, starting at $ 15 per month. They offer plans for a variety of ranges, including 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000+ subscribe contacts.



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The email volume between ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse is not the deciding factor, as both offer unlimited email on all the plans offered. Both offer unlimited automation chains and A / B email split testing for all their plan options.

However, the creators of their email courses are different. ActiveCampaign provides a drag-and-drop style email builder with data-based partitioning and provides insights that help the user’s email campaign.

GetResponse focuses on providing an easy email creator that provides both time and action-based autoresponders. GetResponse has a delivery rate of more than 99%, which means that your email is less likely to be flagged as spam, so your customer is more likely to be reached.

Both offer a wide range of responsive email templates. ActiveCampaign includes design customization, which is available for free to Plus and Enterprise level users, but GetResponse has more than 500 templates.

Design and customization

GetResponse offers the ability to design and customize 500+ email templates as well as 1,000 stock photos and many other types of email marketing-related products. Their landing page templates are a big drawcard for customers, and the dedicated editor helps them generate more leads.

Messages can be customized with a “precise timing” tool that helps users control when they are sent so that they arrive at the right time. Email is automatically scaled to fit all devices with more mobile editors so users can customize it to suit their needs.

ActiveCampaign includes an easy-to-use email designer that allows users to design and customize the email to suit their needs. They allow for excellent automation with features available for customization, such as abandoned cart reminders.

Target customers

ActiveCampaign (Start Your free trial now) supports granular audience segmentation, providing an easy-to-use system capable of sending specific emails to target audiences. Other marketing platforms are also supported, including tools for SMS and Facebook marketing.

GetResponse includes a wide range of reports and analytics such as Open Rate, Engagement, Segmentation Report, and ROI, which help businesses understand how they receive their service and their customer base needs. It can be customized.



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ActiveCampaign specializes in automation and offers unlimited options on all plans. They have automatic SMS and also support SMS membership. Automation Workflow Builder is easy to use, but full-time users may struggle with some features.

GetResponse adds basic automation options to its lowest-level email plan, with more sophisticated marketing automation for advanced levels. They do not offer SMS marketing options, but integrations are available to add those features if needed. They provide an automation workflow builder that includes tracking visited URLs and purchases.

Both options provide lead scoring, which tracks consumer behavior to help businesses optimize their approach.


The ActiveCampaign system may seem a bit overwhelming to some beginners, although they do provide step-by-step instructions. The GetResponse system is easy to use at all capacity levels, making it an attractive choice for beginners right now.

ActiveCampaign allows a maximum of three customers in their small plan, up to unlimited customers for their enterprise plan. GetResponse supports only one to ten users depending on the plan.

Landing pages and forms

ActiveCampaign has a form builder but no landing page builder. Form Builder includes inline, floating box, and bar display. Allows their software integration to provide a landing page builder if needed.

GetResponse is one of the landing page and web form builder company’s big drawcards. They offer a web form builder, which is a complete package in one, capable of creating a wide variety of forms. Landing Page Editor offers over 100 different templates as well as drag and drop creation.

Extra outside

Both companies support the WordPress plugin, which allows you to add forms to pages. ActiveCampaign also provides tracking for your WordPress website. Both support Zapier integration.

The number of apps and integrations that can work with ActiveCampaign packages is slightly higher, with over 150 available. GetResponse 133 offers a variety of options. Tools include landing page software, CMS, scheduling tools, CRM tools, and more.


Starting with ActiveCampaign vs. GetResponse is a bit cheaper, as the former costs $ 9 per month and the latter $ 15 per month. However, affordability varies depending on the level of subscription.



There are many options in different ranges including monthly membership and annual membership. ActiveCampaign has a 14-day free trial, while GetResponse offers 30 days free.

None have a lock-in contract period, so annual plans are implemented monthly unless selected. There is no fee to join any of these or offer a refund after that free trial period.

Getresponse pricing
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ActiveCampaign provides phone, email, and chat support. Other support options include video walks, face-to-face training, and access to the user community. Similar options are available for GetResponse, including the GetResponse Learning Center.

Pros And Cons

Active Campaign

  • Creating automated workflows is easy
  • Affordable and good value for money
  • Convenient price point
  • Ability to provide  A/B test
  • CRM options include the ability to expand to full CRM
  • Limited ability to customize the dashboard
  • No built-in landing page builder
  • It may be overwhelming for beginners
  • High-quality landing pages
  • 500+ professionally designed email templates
  • webinar marketing
  • 99% delivery
  • Any fake contact will be counted within the monthly limit
  • Limited CRM tools

ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse – Which one should you choose?

Both tools are highly rated email marketing options. ActiveCampaign may take a little longer to get used to and although GetResponse is more user-friendly they are generally easier to use.
Both provide email automation, although ActiveCampaign has a slight edge in that segment. They are also better at supporting CRM functions.

GetResponse is the most attractive option that includes both creative templates and support for businesses that use the landing page and/or want to host webinars. With over 500 templates and 1,000 stock images, make sure they are an all-in-one solution for businesses that want to create compelling content and send it to the right people at the right time.

For businesses that focus more on B2B sales, ActiveCampaign’s CRM can make their choice more attractive, as well as their intended focus on identifying and retaining high-value customers. For businesses that like to interact directly with their customers, GetResponse has some enhanced functions for creating and maintaining campaigns.

Choose your business

The choice between ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse depends largely on the priorities of your business.

If you like an all-in-one solution with user-friendly design, the choice to design and use a variety of templates and landing pages and web nos, Getresponse is the best choice. If you prefer a more focused tool with granular functionality that allows you to create integrated CRM tasks from scratch, ActiveCampaign will meet your needs.

Both offer the same price points and the ability to integrate other tools to use with these platforms, their free trial period being the best choice if you do not need the functionality associated with them. Opportunity to use and view for yourself. A great choice if you want an affordable, comprehensive email marketing solution that offers customizable and realistic results.

Hope You find this comparison useful. Don’t forget to share and leave comments. Thank you.

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