This time, I will take up AJAX. Ajax, which has been taken up as a representative technology of Web 2.0 and has become the predominant world. I think you all know the word “Ajax” itself.

Speaking of sites using Ajax, Google Maps is famous. I think it’s no exaggeration to say that Ajax became known to the world through Google Maps.

Google Maps that can be pasted on the Web as easily as YouTube (I actually pasted it)

But what are you good at and what is amazing? What kind of technology are you using? …… Can you explain about such things? I will mainly explain about that.

AJAX term origin

 Knowing its origin is the first step in understanding Ajax.

 Where is the birthplace of Ajax?

The birthplace of “Ajax” is an entry called ” Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications ” posted on February 18, 2005 by Jesse James Garrett, who runs a consulting company . ..

This entry was a hot topic, and the word Ajax came to be used in the United States.

 Definition of Ajax

 So what is Ajax? In his blog, he defines Ajax as follows:

  • Based Presentation Standards Using XHTML And CSS
    (standards using XHTML and CSS presentation)
  • Display And Interaction Dynamic Using The Document Object Model
    (Document Object Model (dynamic display and mutual exchange using the DOM))
  • interchange and manipulation data the using XML and XSLT
    (using XML and XSLT data transformation and manipulation)
  • asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest (Asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest)
  • and JavaScript binding everything together ( and JavaScript binds
    them together)

Well, those who understand it may understand it, but beginners don’t understand it at all. There are important words here, so it’s okay to hold them down. “DOM” “XML” “XMLHttpRequest” “asynchronous processing” “JavaScript”. These keywords seem to be closely related to Ajax.

By the way, AJAX is an abbreviation, and the official name is ” Asynchronous JavaScript + XML”. Asynchronous means “asynchronous”, but it contains a lot of the words mentioned above.


What is Ajax as a result of many people reading his blog? I got a lot of questions. The answer to those questions was added as “Ajax Q & A” on March 13, 2005. The Q & A introduced below is very easy to understand in understanding Ajax, so I took it up.


AJAX question & answer


If you are not familiar with Ajax, you may recognize that AJAX, like Java, Ruby, Perl, VB, etc., is “Ajax is what you install, build and use”. But, in fact, Ajax isn’t such a program, it’s an approach.

Earlier, the words “DOM,” “XML,” and “JavaScript” came up, but Ajax is a “method” that combines these technologies. As you can see, using existing techniques, Ajax is often referred to as “new and old technology.”

Why was the name “Ajax”?

As an aside, the reason why he coined the word “Ajax” is that he used “DOM”, “XML”, and “JavaScript” to approach web applications every time, “using DOM, XML, and JavaScript.” It’s a hassle, so I devised it to put it in one word.

Hope You find this information useful. Don’t forget to share with your friends. Thank You.

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