Open rate, click-through rate … are your emails average?

Are your emailing campaigns performing, lagging behind or average? Performance indicators, such as open, click-through and responsiveness rates, are often difficult to compare: use cases and audiences vary by industry and company. However, some emails generate more opens and clicks than others.

This is particularly the case with confirmation or delivery messages that shoppers probably do not hesitate to open, if only to check the status of their order. Media sites, on the other hand, will be more inclined to send newsletter-type e-mails to subscribers of their magazines, whether or not they are interested in the subjects offered.

No matter your industry, there is always room to improve your email performance indicators. From average open and click rates to the best strategies to boost your indicators, discover in this article how to avoid failing yourself and collect the right points with flying colors.

Click, open and engagement rate: the averages

According to DMA’s 2018 benchmarking , open rates remain strong across all sectors, averaging 18.1% despite a slight decline from last year. Click-through rates have stagnated at 1.9% year after year.

B2C emails are much more likely to be viewed, with an open rate of 19.7%, compared to 15.1% for B2B. However, B2B emails perform better in terms of engagement, with a click-through rate of 3.2% compared to 2.1% for B2C.

The most popular emails are from the finance (25%), non-profit (21.8%) and retail (19.3%) sectors. Utilities have the lowest open rate (14.7%), but dominate in clicks (3.4%), far ahead of non-profit organizations (2.7%) and tour operators (2.4%).

The open rate varies according to the interest, the click rate according to the relevance


The rates vary depending on the types of emails. Not surprising. Take the example of financial institutions. Their emails likely to contain relevant and sensitive information related to recipient finances.


calculating click rate 


The latter therefore open them to consult the latest news concerning them without having to click in the e-mail in question. And if the emails this time come from, say, a gas or electric company, users will be more likely to click through to log into their account and pay their bills online.

“The figures prove it: while relevance generates clicks, the open rate remains a matter of interest.

In general, transactional emails (as part, for example, of an onboarding sequence) register higher open and click rates than informative emails (of the periodic newsletter type) . Most transactional emails are triggered by a subscriber action and sent automatically – so they are relevant in nature.

Email: the share of mobile vs. desktop

According to Criteo’s Global Commerce Review , emails need to be mobile-friendly more than ever. Based on an analysis of nearly 15 billion emails openings, computer graphics Litmus on the market share of the e-mail in 2017 indicates that users mainly check their emails on their mobile . According to the study, most emails are viewed on iPhone (29%) and Gmail (27%), so the two environments share a significant market share of 56%.


Top email client list

Top email client list2


Open rate by environment


email environment statistics


In June 2018, nearly half of emails were viewed on mobile (46%), then webmail (35%) and desktop (18%).

E-mail: the essentials


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So how do you create an effective emailing campaign? What are the key ingredients for open, read and engaging emails? The answer in 5 tips:

1. An object that detonates.

The subject line gives a clear and concise idea of ​​the content of your email – so it should be short and transparent. If possible, compare the differences in tone and length using an A/B test on two objects. Your audience may prefer “Mothers Day is Tomorrow” rather than the classic “Mother’s Day: Make them happy”. It’s up to you to find the words that will hit the nail on the head.

2. A mobile-friendly display.

Tools like Getresponse allow you to view your content on many types of devices and to adapt your messages, for optimal rendering on the largest messaging systems.

3. Well calibrated images.

Does your content display correctly on all types of devices? Some images are slow to load or do not appear at all depending on the messaging system. The files are sometimes too large for certain environments, which “explode” under load.

4. Relevant and targeted content.

The content of your emails must be personalized according to the target audience segment. Group together subscribers sharing the same characteristics (eg recent purchases or demographic data) and adapt your offers according to the stage of the funnel at which they are located.

5. Links that work.

Another essential step in creating emails is checking ALL links. This notably includes links to images, thumbnails, and headers. There is nothing worse than a broken link, and nothing better to increase the number of unsubscribes, which should be kept as low as possible.

The hidden potential of email


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Email marketing has an average ROI of 122%, four times more than other marketing formats (social media, direct mail, paid search).

The message is clear: take the time to create your campaign. Choose the subject of your emails carefully, and embed relevant messages, images, and links visible on every device.

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