What is Universal Search by Google?

Thanks to its search engine performance and especially its relevance algorithms, Google hopes to provide as many relevant answers as possible to the questions typed by Internet users. In this spirit, Google established “Universal Search” in 2007. These are links to various indexes for Google to display on Google’s results pages or SERPs, such as images with Google images, videos with Youtube, SERPs (search engine results pages), Google News, and location with Google Maps.

What are Google SERPs results with universal search, created with?

universal search

The Google results page – in the case of Universal Search – contains multiple blocks. Highlights every resource (news, images, videos, maps) available to Google in various indexes. That way, you can add Google News articles to your left and Google Pictures images to your right to your request.

And you will find videos at the bottom of Google News articles. And to your right, it will be the “Knowledge Graph”, a set of “encyclopedic” information that comes in at your request to provide a biographical description of the personality.

Most often, you will find quotes from the Wikipedia page here. Above the SERP, you can also see the Google Shopping products on display.

What is the Impact of Universal Search on SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a group of technologies that improve the visibility of a website on the results pages of search engines such as Google.

Until the universal search, SERP 10 was displayed as Blue Links. Now with Universal Search, the results page will have 8 links, because the elements that make up Universal Search will push natural links to the bottom of the page.

Places that appear on the first page of Google rarely change with universal search. SEO has to work harder to make your website visible on the top front page.

And for those lucky enough to be on the Google front page on a query, their site is not the one we first visit with a universal search.

Naturally, the web referrer should take into account the universal search and its results. He should also make sure that the resources (articles, images, videos) that allow his site are available within the resources provided in the various blocks of Universal Search.

The web referrer or SEO consultant should therefore have a multimedia approach to their overall SEO strategy by developing an editorial calendar and visualizing all kinds of multimedia content that will interest the internet user and encourage them to share content with each other.

How Universal Search is used?

universal search

The web referrer who benchmarked your competitors during their SEO audit knows their position, their benefits, and their content forms well. They identify potential opportunities for your SEO strategy.

Universal search is a way to present your website, your brand, your products in different blocks, not just natural results. Your web reference or SEO agency must ensure that Internet users provide the content they want to interact with.

Your SEO consultant or your SEO agency will need to work through the entire markup of the structured data on your site to create “rich snippets” while waiting to appear in various blocks of Google’s universal search. The purpose of this structured data is to provide additional information to search engines. People will be able to learn more about your business directly on the SERP.

If your site’s ranking does not directly improve in natural search engine results, choosing to work with your site with “rich snippets” will provide better visibility for your website pages in the SERP. This way you can enhance your website links with natural results, possible visual elements, or customer reviews.

You encourage people to visit your website more often, especially if the displayed data is tailored to their needs. Your SEO consultant will consolidate your semantic tags from the “Schema.org” protocol. But web SEO recommends using a web developer.

What about Universal Search in relationship to voice search?

Voice search? Ask a question to the speaker you are connected to and he or she will answer from search engine results pages like Google.

However, the connected speaker position is zero or the answer to the question is asked using the text that appears in the featured snippet. With connected speakers, we know that this natural result becomes the terminal because it is the reverse.

Voice search is not possible, taking every resource that comes from different Google indexes, such as images or videos. With voice search, universal search almost disappears!

Universal search and a real opportunity for SEO professionals and their SEO strategy. Until then, websites that ranked first in organic results were moved to lower positions. In order to appear in Universal Search, the website must provide multimedia content and think about which format is best suited to work best on SERPs.

Hope! You find this information useful. Don’t forget to share and discuss. Thank You.

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