The way we use social media is changing drastically. In just a few years, the landscape of this technology will be dramatically different from what it looks like now- here’s how you can keep up. In this article, we will uncover how to create engaging social media videos in 2022. So, let’s begin.

What is Social Media Video?

Social media video consists of uploading short clips or full-length movies onto a social networking page so others can watch them. These videos can be recorded, live-streamed, or curated by a brand; however, they end up on these pages because they come with their own set of features that allow for easy sharing and commenting. They also exist as another tool that can be used to reach your social media audience.

Who Uses Social Media Video?

Virtually every social media platform makes it easy for users to upload videos directly on their page, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. Whoever

your target audience is, they are likely using one of these sites with some degree of frequency; therefore you need a way for them to watch any videos you post there. With the ease of producing high-quality content through tools like YouTube powering down these days, it’s never been easier to get started with social video.

One thing is for sure: the future of social media is here and it is in the form of video content. From speaking engagements to product launches, videos have become an increasingly popular way for brands to get their message across while engaging with customers on a whole new level! Here are some tips for creating your next big project: 

1. Use creative visuals: Videos with creative visuals will be much more popular than those without. Try using animation, motion graphics, or interesting backgrounds to grab your viewers’ attention.

2. Keep it short: People have a shorter attention span than ever before, so keep your videos short and sweet. Most successful social media videos are less than two minutes long.

3. Use music: Good music can help set the mood for your videos and keep viewers engaged. Fortunately, there are tons of tools available online that will let you add audio to your video.

4. Be interactive: Social media users will want to be more involved with their videos. Try using interactive elements like quizzes or polls to get your viewers engaged.

5. Use storytelling: People are drawn to inspiring stories, so use storytelling techniques in your social media videos. This can be done through narration, visuals, and even music.

6. Use humor: A light-hearted and humorous tone will be popular in social media videos. Try using jokes or funny visuals to get your viewers engaged.

7. Be creative: In order to create successful social media videos, you’ll need to be innovative. Come up with creative and innovative ways to present your content and grab your viewers’ attention.

8. Keep it relevant: Make sure that your videos are not only interesting but also tailored to the interests of your target audience. Catering to their taste will help keep them interested and attentive, so they can enjoy what matters most!

9. Use experts: If you’re not sure how to execute a certain idea, don’t be afraid to use experts. Interviews with experts can make for interesting and engaging social media videos.

10.  Use influencers: Celebrities and influential people are still popular. If you have a prominent figure willing to feature your product or service, use them! They’ll be sure to get plenty of views from their followers as they promote your company on social media.

11. Be consistent: Keeping your videos high-quality and regular will help you maintain viewers’ interest.

12. Use statistics: Stats and data are more popular than ever, so use them in your social media videos to back up your points.

13. Try different formats: Another easy way to optimize your videos for success is by experimenting with different formats. You can try a video converter, which will allow you increased flexibility in how and when they’re used on videos.

How to Get Started With Social Media Video

Like nearly anything in the digital marketing world, you need two main things in order to get started with social media video: a plan and equipment. 

Every successful video campaign starts with a plan, even if it’s just a simple outline of what you want to do. This includes knowing which social media platforms you’re planning to be sharing on and when, as well as including specific goals for your campaigns. When it comes to the equipment, there are a few different options available depending on what will work best for your needs.

Smartphone: Relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use, a smartphone is good enough for lighting up some content in front of a brick wall outside. However, they aren’t suitable for more professional work requiring more attention to lighting and sound, and their compact size limits their versatility.

Digital Camera: Between DSLRs and digital cameras that can connect wirelessly to your smartphone the equipment you need is out there. Both are worthwhile options, but DSLRs are better for professional shoots since they offer interchangeable lenses with more zoom capabilities.

With this option, you obtain a larger frame and higher quality video, but it takes time to set it up correctly. Some people prefer using a tripod when shooting their videos, which allows them to keep the camera motionless while recording. While some people think that holding the camera in their hand gives them.

more flexibility when shooting, many professionals disagree; especially since it makes it more difficult to get clear audio during recording.

What Should I Shoot?

create engaging videos on social media

The most effective way to start out with a social media video is by making sure you have a solid plan. It might be tempting to just record anything you want, but this isn’t productive. When planning your social media video campaign, you should instead ask yourself these questions:

What do I want to accomplish? 

What is my audience’s need? 

Who are they, and what would interest them most? 

Where can I find footage that will actually fit in with what I’m trying to accomplish?

Once you answer these four questions you’re ready to start recording! Make sure every video has a specific purpose; whether it’s to inform, entertain, or uplift people there needs to be some sort of goal in mind.

If it doesn’t solve an issue for somebody then why bother making the video in the first place? Not only should each clip have a plan behind its production it should also have a designated length. If it’s too long, people will quickly lose interest, while if it’s too short it won’t be able to cover everything that needs to be said.

Final thoughts

Beyond these key points most of the time you’ll want your clips to include action, not just talking heads throughout the video. This could come in the form of b-roll footage where somebody is doing something in addition to talking (baking pies, typing on a computer), or even by including things like title slides that convey information without somebody speaking at all.

However, you choose to produce your social media videos, make sure they are interesting, and engaging for somebody watching them; otherwise, it doesn’t matter what kind of message you’re trying to get across since nobody will bother listening.

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