You have heard about branding, but you do not know its true meaning? Do you want to strengthen your brand image? You are in the right place!

Brand image has become an essential selection criterion for your customers. We explain everything about branding.

Social media branding is an important step that will determine how people who know you see your brand. This can act directly on your sales numbers: the more positive your brand image, the more profit your business will make.

As you must have understood that taking care of your image is very important. In this article, we explain why social media branding is important to its brand and give you tips on how to boost your brand image.

Why social media branding is important to a brand?

How Social media Platform Can Help Your Business In Branding - Mix With Marketing

Before any clarification, let us take stock of some of the terms. Be careful not to confuse the words: brand image, reputation, and notoriety, which have three different meanings and which are complementary at the same time.

The brand image corresponds to the image sent back to the public by the company. The service or product offering and the brand itself will influence this perception. Different levels of the brand image exist:

  • Perceived brand image is how your target sees and perceives your brand.
  • The real brand image is based on the reality of your brand along with your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The desired brand image reflects how you want your brand to be seen by your target.

Reputation corresponds to the image perceived by the public. In order to generate positive opinions, your brand must ensure consistency between the perceived image, the actual image, and the desired image.

On the other hand, awareness is the result of this perception and is measured by the level of presence of your brand in the minds of individuals, but also by the visibility of your brand on the web, on social networks, and on search engines.

Are you following us yet?

But then why is it important to have a good brand image?

1. Positive Branding Increases Your Notoriety

As you must have understood that brand image and notoriety are two complementary concepts. Two concepts are related. The more positively your target audience has a representation of your brand, the more trust they will have in you. The more he has confidence in your business, the more likely he is to recommend you.

These recommendations, whether in person or on the web, will contribute to building positive word-of-mouth online and offline. And that’s the goal of any business, isn’t it?

2. Branding that works is worth a thousand words

Do you know the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? This is absolutely true for your business.

A good brand image allows your company to have an easily memorable and recognizable image. Thanks to an effective marketing strategy, by thinking about the message you want to convey and the value you want to deliver, your company develops a strong personality. Personality is what is needed to set you apart from your competitors.

Remember that the brand platform is the tool that will allow you to accurately define your brand and create a relevant and coherent identity and personality.

3. Branding Contributes to Your Success

Social Media Branding contributes to success - Mix With Marketing

Whatever the size of your business: small, medium, or large, no matter what, it is in your best interest to take care of your brand image.

It is essential that your brand image is in line with what you want it to be. Otherwise, a mismatch between your brand and your image could damage the representation that your target has.

It is this strong, consistent and relevant brand image that will allow you to retain your customers, develop your notoriety and influence your sales.

5 tips to strengthen your social media brand image

5 tips to strengthen social media brand image - Mix With Marketing

Before revealing the advice to strengthen your brand image. It is above all necessary to be attentive to these 3 words: coherence, constancy, and evolution. We explain it to you.

To develop your notoriety and develop a strong brand image, it is essential to apply these three-letter words.


You need to establish the direction in which you want to go as a brand. The image you want to have must be consistent with your offer. The visual identity and the message you want to convey, too, must match the direction taken and the way you want to be perceived.


This is not the first time, nor the last time that we will tell you: that regularity is the key!

You must be consistent in what you do. Standardize your way of doing things, by addressing your target in the same way, and by setting up harmonized communication.

It is this consistency that allows you to make yourself credible in the eyes of your target.


How to Build a Strong Brand on Social Media Brand Image - Mix With Marketing

You must be up to date. Communication and marketing evolve every day with the arrival of new technologies and new trends. This is why your brand has no choice but to get up to date by doing regular monitoring to be able to stand out.

It is, therefore, necessary to think about the evolution of your brand image which must not stop adapting over time while continuing to inspire your values.

It’s time to talk about our valuable tips to strengthen your brand image.

1. Study your target

Knowing your target is essential in order to be able to offer them a solution adapted to their needs.

You must analyze their needs, motivations, and expectations so that your image is in line with these elements and positively influences the behavior of your target.

Get to know her down to the smallest detail. Knowing her will be a considerable asset, we are sure of that.

So, go fishing for information! Ask her what she expects from a company like yours so that you can offer her the answer that best suits her.

Once you know their expectations, you can get creative with making an impression on them. Make sure you stand out from your competitors, the positive impact will be even greater.

2. Be active and responsive on social media

Social networks will allow you to develop your brand image. And here, again, consistency is key. You must offer content that is adapted, coherent, harmonized, and relevant to your audience. Your message must be clear, powerful, and original to differentiate yourself, it’s better.

Community management is a way of communicating as close as possible to your customers and your target. Social networks are a pillar for creating a lasting relationship with the community and promoting the creation of a positive e-reputation. Social networks will allow you to broadcast your image by relying on an effective digital strategy.

Social Media v/s Social Networking: Points Of Difference

This digital strategy is a real lever to assert your positioning and develop your brand image.

These communication tools are essential to increase your notoriety and strengthen your image. However, communicating on social networks is not easy and can be a double-edged sword.

We understand that this management of social networks requires skills and expertise (and we are well placed to tell you this), which is why you can call on a community manager to support and advise you. To find out more, you can read our article “Why use a community manager”.

3. Work on your identity

The first step defines and knows your brand well. For this, you can create a brand platform to lay the groundwork in writing and be sure and certain that everything is consistent.

To do this, of course, you can do it alone, although it is not such an easy task to perform. A step back and an outside perspective are always welcome to help you define your brand.

You can also call on a communication agency that will bring you their expert communicator’s eyes and branding skills to help you form your brand’s platform in order to point you in the right direction.


Your social media branding must convey a message in accordance with the image it wishes to obtain. Highlight your expertise and the unique know-how that differentiates you from others.


Your content should be consistent:

  • The defined message must be conveyed through your brand, your name, and your slogan.
  • The visual identity must be consistent with your message and your branding.
  • The graphic charter will allow you to create standardized and harmonized content, which will strengthen your credibility.

For content, you can notably showcase your expertise through blog articles.

This allows you to convey your corporate message, offer content adapted to your audience in accordance with their needs, interests, and expectations, and finally provide them with advice by offering them the solution to their problems.

4. Take care of your customer service

Branding take care of your customers - Mix With Marketing

Customer satisfaction should be a priority for you. You know for sure that the cost of prospecting is more important than loyalty. A loyal customer builds a long-term relationship of trust, but it is also a customer who talks about your brand to their surroundings.

It is therefore in your best interest to focus on customer satisfaction by offering quality customer service, personalized advice, and recommendations. You must reassure, listen and retain your customer.

We can’t repeat this enough: The customer experience should be at the heart of your communication strategy. Put yourself in your customer’s place and ask yourself the right questions.

Keeping your goals, your customers, and your prospects in mind, provide them with useful solutions, and quality content (white papers, useful articles, tutorials) that allows you to improve your image and also the trust of your customers.

5. Get Help

There’s no shame in seeking help from professionals, and you know what? you’re not alone!

To assist you, you can call a communication agency. By making this choice, you are sure that you have a quality, professional brand identity that reflects your image. This will allow you to have standardized, cohesive, and effective communication.

Hey! Now that You know Why social media branding is important to a brand & tips to improve social media branding. Just go and implement it in your business in order to achieve success.  

Don’t forget to share and leave comments. Thank You.

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