Digital marketing has been one of the top ten industries for over a decade, and there are no signs of it slowing down. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the broader employment outlook for the industry is set to more than double the national average by 2021.

If you are looking for a career change, it is worth your consideration.

Of course, this opportunity means there are a lot of people out there who can take your money by offering courses, certifications, and all kinds of industry secrets.

Some of them are worth every penny. Other? Not too much.

Here is a deep dive into the world of digital marketing courses, certifications, and what you need to know before you move on.

Is digital marketing certification worth it?

Well, The above question requires a little bit of deep explanation. Let’s try to get into detail in order to find the answer.

The 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Careful About Digital Marketing Certification


digital marketing certification


Online courses just don’t boom. They are here to stay. With the popularity of digital marketing, you have tons of online training at your fingertips.

Getting into digital marketing is not easy.

However, when competing for your cash, some courses make very good-claims claims.

One of those claims is a certificate, diploma, or other formal paper with your name on it and a stamp of approval stating “Digital Marketer”. … !!!

Let me be clear: beware of courses that offer you a “certificate” as a digital marketer. There are three main reasons for this:

1. Digital marketing industry value display experience (a.k.a. results)

Marketing efforts are directly linked to sales and revenue. Therefore, most of it relies on the matrix, which becomes an easily scalable performance-oriented area.

This means that in digital marketing‌ “fake until you make it” is not an option. If you do not deliver the results, your boss/client will know.

However, some lesser-known courses or institutes offer “certification” in digital marketing or one of its specialties. If you pay attention, you will notice that they are strangely silent on the exact skill or knowledge they provide.

In general, you should stay away from any good course that has demonstrable skills that will prepare you to do the job. Note whether the course offers the following:

  • Quiz or test
  • Assignments and Homework
  • Opportunities to create specifications for your portfolio
  • Other projects

2. There is no single, honorable authority to issue the certificate

Unlike a recognized college degree, online certificates do not cost much. It is very easy to buy without at least some effort from the official viewing website.

If you’ve never heard of this site or the “experts” behind it, and Google does not need to say much about them, you are probably dealing with an opportunist who is going to give you paper. Trying to sell a piece.

Don’t fall for it!

Some reputable marketing associations and industry executives provide certification. Generally, you need to take an exam and become a member of their organization. This is a viable option for experienced marketers who benefit from networking with a professional company.

However, if you are entering digital marketing, you may not want this option for some reason:

  • You don’t learn the skills you need to demonstrate
  • You spend a lot of money, you can use it well
  • A job interviewer can find out if you can’t express your opinion in a heartbeat

I have not yet seen the certificate for any of the requirements in the job posting. Save certificates with big-name companies when you get some scratches on your belt.


Digital marketing certification


3. Curriculum success depends on the quality of the teacher

Online learning is beautiful because it democratizes learning. Most people have real, valuable insights on a variety of topics. They can now easily share their expertise online.

As in the classroom, what you learn depends on the quality of your teacher. However, it is easier to describe who is teaching than in the classroom. Learn more about digital marketing

Here is a quick checklist to help you determine if the instructor is quality:

  • The overall quality of the course material. Does it feel well put together and professional, or is the content poorly kept in web design and typos?
  • Transparency of teachers. Is the coach transparent about who they are and what their experience is? When you google them, do you get evidence of their professional experience?
  • Independent review. Is it easy to know what people are saying about this course? Can you find these testimonials on standalone websites (not of course page)?

Learning from an experienced teacher who has been successful in the industry trenches will take you further in your marketing career. When you are looking for certification opportunities, make sure your teacher has the chops to teach you well.

Good teacher = good results.

And what about the results?

What to look for in a Solid Digital Marketing Certification or Course?

I do not want to scare you with the idea of taking the course. In fact, most of them are worth your time and money. However, finding a rigorous course (especially when it comes to ad certification) can be difficult.

Here are six things to keep in mind when researching a course or certification program.


digital marketing certification


1. Practical, updated skills in core subjects in your field

You need to do enough research on digital marketing or specific subfields to identify outdated information.

Here are some things to find out if the skills they offer are practical and sophisticated or if they are selling a gimmick:

Take some time to read about the most popular skills in digital marketing in 2021. What about the course you are considering and how will PPC be the next big thing? Is it promoting the evils of “endless content marketing” or is it trying to sell the idea that SEO is dead? Passed.

Google any statistics or numbers they leave out. Check the source, especially how old it is. Are all their calculations for 2014? Passed.

Find Google words you don’t know and the inconsistencies in the way they use these words. For example, are they mixing “content writing” and “copywriting” …? Passed.

Look through the course. Does it seem mostly theoretical or can you identify the skills it teaches? Does it speak a lot but there is nothing really practical? Passed.

2. Case studies and equipment are provided

Since digital marketing is very results-based, it is very easy to create case studies that follow exactly what happened in the project and how it happened.

Similarly, digital marketers rely on a whole range of tools to make their lives easier. Take a look at the course and check if you are learning at least one or two large ones that you would like to use. Some examples include Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Google Analytics.

3. Support or approval of industry experts

One of the easiest ways to identify a quality course (and certification) is to study those associated with it.

Professionals protect their reputations and do not name anything that does not meet their standards. Connecting with industry leaders can be a major indicator that you are dealing with reputable, quality curricula.

4. In both student support, curriculum, and technical support

When it comes to technology, things can go wrong and things can happen. It may refer entirely to your studies, site performance, or anything else.

What course are you going to take about it? A good course offers the following:

  • Opportunity for coaching, feedback, and mentorship from coaches
  • Technical support immediately available
  • A student body to connect with others and find social support

5. Clear connections on how it will help your career progress

Finally, any course or certification program you choose will indicate an investment. Therefore, there should be a clear relationship on how it will help your career progress. For example, many high-quality courses:

  • Provide access to the communities you use to grow your network
  • Teach you the best industries that are viable for a long time
  • Introduce the specific skills and knowledge you have identified that will help you move forward in your career.
  • Demonstrate how its students have experienced increased earning potential and career advancement as a result of the course or certification. Also, learn about Ad-network.

When is Digital Marketing Certification Valid?


digital marketing certification
via: SEJ


I’ve covered a lot about why you should remember when you look at digital marketing courses, especially when they mention that they offer certification.

However, I do not want to display digital marketing certifications. Sometimes, they are the right choice for you. A Digital Marketing Certification is Valuable:

  • It comes from a globally recognized brand. Some brands, such as Google, are too large, and their credentials and text can make a difference to your resume. For example, look at the Google Analytics Academy.
  • It can be difficult to learn on your own in a particular or niche. If you specialize in content creation on YouTube, you may benefit from the YouTube Certification Program … a unique program available only to specific YouTube creators or partners.
  • It is on the point before the curve. Some universities offer online courses and certifications at the forefront of technology in digital marketing. Stanford’s machine learning course is one such example.
  • It comes from a recognized university. Many universities now offer rigorous courses and certifications in digital marketing that can strengthen your resume. The University of Vermont is a classic example. Learn about Youtube shorts.

You are already an expert and want to increase your credibility. If you already have years of experience under your belt and want to prove it, a certification that requires testing can help. See American Marketing Association Certification Program.

If the certification does not fall into one of those categories, it is a good idea to take a full course from a skilled industry leader. An example of a practical content strategy and marketing course.

Bottom line: Take a course that allows you to keep your word

Digital marketing certification may be what you want – if you choose wisely. With the boom in online courses and digital marketing, many people are making fictitious claims with the intention of taking away your money.

I have covered a lot of simple gimmicks and given you many tips to find a solid certification program or course.

Whatever you choose, make sure the course provides results. This is especially important in digital marketing. Learn about the Internet of things

Hope! You find our information helpful. Don’t forget to share and leave comments. Thank you.

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