When conducting marketing using content such as videos, there is the idea of a “sales funnel” as a methodology for connecting the target to customization.

What is a sales funnel? – Introducing how to create content for attracting customers

By grasping this and incorporating it into marketing well, it will be possible to make target customization more efficient.

This article gives you an overview of the sales funnel and also walks you through the steps involved in developing marketing with sales funnel-aware content.

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What is a sales funnel?

Sales funnel means “funnel of sales activities”.

The sales funnel is a step-by-step process that breaks down the process from potential customers/prospective customers to recognition/purchase and continuous customization by those who are new to the business of the company.

Many people who met the business were narrowed down by process, and the name “sales funnel” was given from the shape of the chart that shows the appearance of becoming a customer in the shape of a funnel.

By understanding the idea of ​​a sales funnel and conducting a marketing business based on it, you will be able to efficiently turn more people into customers.

If you do marketing without creating a sales funnel, you will be forced to respond individually when there is contact such as an inquiry, which will take time and effort.

The response may not be able to keep up, and you may miss a sales opportunity to a strong prospect.

Benefits of incorporating a sales funnel

As mentioned that incorporating a sales funnel into content marketing can streamline user customization, but what are the specific benefits?

Here are five benefits of incorporating a sales funnel.

Easy to create relationships with users

Suddenly asking the target user to “buy our product” may not lead to sales, but maybe wary.

By incorporating a sales funnel, you can create a situation where you can raise awareness in advance and let users know themselves to some extent before contacting them.

Therefore, incorporating a sales funnel makes it easier to build relationships of trust with potential customers.

Can predict results to some extent

Marketing based on your sales funnel will allow you to approach all your prospects in a similar way.

It’s easier to get statistics on your performance, so you can forecast future sales and your advertising budget will be smoother.

Easy to review and improve

For example, suppose you create and market the following sales funnel.

[1] Deliver video ads
[2] Deliver web advertisements to click users and encourage them to register for e-mail newsletters.
[3] E-mail delivery of privilege information to users who have registered for e-mail newsletter
[4] Deliver regular deals to new users with special benefits
[5] Acquisition of continuous purchase users

If you set up the above sales funnel, you can collect statistical data for each course.

By checking the data, it becomes easier to determine in which process the results are being missed, and it is possible to understand how to come up with appropriate review measures, which can lead to speedy improvement.

Extensibility is born in the opportunity of customization

By creating a sales funnel, you can identify potential customers.

It is possible to accurately follow those prospective customers and make sure they become customers.

You can also expand your opportunities to turn your potential customers into customers by further improving your sales funnel. We can establish a system that can increase the number of good customers without spending more time on sales.

Marketing can be automated

With a sales funnel, steps such as promoting users and making additional appeals to potential customers can be automated as appropriate.

If we can automatically deliver web advertisements to click users and send e-mails to registered users obtained from them, it is possible to create a situation where the number of customers increases by themselves.

Customization steps in sales funnel

There are four steps you need to take to customize your users based on your sales funnel.
We will introduce what to do specifically in four stages.


Marketing funnel


Promote awareness: Acquire potential customers

Promote awareness to users who are completely unaware of their business.

In the case of content marketing, it is the initial stage of delivering video ads to target users and getting them to know about companies and products.

Create interested: Make potential customers

In order to make prospects users potential customers, we will have to make them become more interested in the following measures.

Specifically, it is a method of making offers such as free trials and free registration with benefits and getting prospects to respond.

Customerization: by selling to prospective customers

Customerization is a step to elicit further needs and encourage purchases from leading prospective customers who have responded to free offers.

It is the stage where you visit the landing page and finally make a purchase.

Customer retention

It is a step to encourage repeat users who have become customers after making a purchase and to continue to use them like good customers.

When a certain period of time has passed since the purchase, inform customers about the deals and benefits by e-mail or push notification, and this will recommend continuous purchase.

What is a suitable sales promotion method for introducing a sales funnel?

Video promotion is a sales promotion method that can be expected to achieve both efficiency and results by implementing it based on the sales funnel.

Applying the video promotion process to the customerization steps introduced in the previous section, we get:

・ Promotion of awareness: PR of companies and products through YouTube video advertisements, etc.
・ Turn potential leads into potential customers: Promote engagement such as clicks and registrations on SNS video ads, etc.
・ Purchase promotion for prospective customers: Send emails and notifications to registered customers to encourage purchasing
・ Customer retention: Regularly send information to encourage purchases


When you start promoting with video ads, it’s a good idea to build a sales funnel in advance based on the process from recognition to customer retention.

The sales funnel is very compatible with content marketing including video ads, and it is possible to efficiently measure and improve the effect after ad deployment.

Build a sales funnel that suits the products and content you want to sell, get accurate data, and drive continuous results in your promotional activities.

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