Algorithmic language or ALGOL is the official language used to write, execute, and study algorithms. Unlike most programming languages, an algorithmic language is not associated with computer architecture and does not include the details of a mechanical device.

To study the basics of algorithms, a so-called algorithmic language (school algorithmic language) is used, which uses words as a computer language that the student can understand.

Basic service words of an algorithmic language
Description of the algorithm

  • Algorithm (alg)
  • Logic (logic)
  • Argument (arg)
  • Cut (result)
  • Start (Start) – Start the algorithm
  • End (End) – End of the algorithm
  • Given – initial data in an arbitrary form
  • Need – The objective of the algorithm
  • Approved



ALGOL example

algorithmic programming explanation

In an algorithm entry, keywords are usually underlined or in bold. Indentation is used to highlight logical blocks, and the pair words of the beginning and end of the block are connected by a vertical bar.

algorithmic programming example

Consider an example of compiling an algorithm in an algorithmic language. Example Calculate the sum of squares of integers from 1 to n.

algorithmic programming example

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