Broken link: The Definition

What it is?

A broken or dead link is a link that redirects to an error page.

Sometimes when you click on a link on a web page, an error message is displayed on the screen. The link is considered broken or dead in most cases. The reasons for this error message may be different:

– Page that no longer exists – Domain that no longer exists

– Error entering URL – Incorrect copy/paste of modified link with some elements in it

– Address of changed site or page

It’s bad if the broken link still exists to the site where it is located and to the site to which it is linked. Internet users may be bothered and may resort to another site to find information that is generally accessible through the link. Too many broken links are too embarrassing to refer to a site in terms of SEO. Broken links need to be checked regularly and repaired or removed. There is software to detect them.

Some software to find broken links

All of this software is free and powerful, they can provide some different functions and are more or less complete:

– WordPress Broken Link Checker

– Online Broken Link Checker

– W3C Link Checker – Search Console

– Screaming Frog SEO Spider

– Link checker

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