At the crossroads between marketing, advertising, communications, and technology, email marketing managers play an important role in customer relationships.

The mission of the email marketing manager

The e-mailing manager is at the heart of Customer Relations. He defines the strategy for e-mailing campaigns, manages the customer database, and develops or adapts the content as intended.

An email marketing manager can perform a variety of actions:

  • Success in improving the contact database (competition, etc.)
  • Credibility (newsletters, surveys, etc.)
  • Commercial (Promotion)
  • Related (Birthday Email)
  • Related to sales cycle (order confirmation)

For each email campaign, he defines the goal, sets an effective object, and creates content in line with the campaign objectives. He also ensures the integration of the product with different materials (graphic elements, images, videos, etc.).

He designs e-mailing in HTML and ensures that it is optimized for distribution (text/image balance, link to web copy in case of poor performance, etc.). It delivers e-mail and tests it on various media (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to confirm its performance. It also sets tracking tools to track campaign results.

After sending, he monitors various statistics using previously defined performance indicators: start rate, click rate, conversion rate, etc. He then reports to the marketing department.

It also conducts general technical monitoring to learn about various developments and innovations.

Email marketing manager salary

The average salary of an email marketing manager varies between 25,000 and 45,000 dollars per year, depending on his experience and company.

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Skills and qualities required to become an email marketing manager

E-mailing managers must have marketing and technical skills. Specifically, he/she should have a solid knowledge of e-marketing and strategic marketing. This job also requires writing skills.

At the technical level, the e-mailing manager must master:

Where can you work as an email marketing manager?

As an email marketing manager, you can work in an agency in the communications department or directly with an advertiser. Then you have to work with the sales department and that information system (IS).

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