If you’ve been around for 20 years, you’ve seen the transition from the world of internet slow websites and stagnant hardware to the fast, social media-based, live streaming world of today. The internet and technology are changing so fast that it is hard to imagine what will develop in just a few years.

The rapid growth of video and its use today is an area where everything has completely changed. When YouTube was first launched, there was a lot of talk about how such a video site (legally) exists and the bandwidth and financial strategy to make it work. When Google bought YouTube for a billion dollars, Internet video became more legal than ever.

It’s hard to imagine the Internet today without using video if you’ve been fast-forwarding for a few years. With live streaming events, webinars, podcasts, and the billions of video impressions provided daily by Facebook and YouTube, everything has become routine.

If there is a winner in 2021, it will almost certainly be the video. As everyone is always online, video has become more important than ever for marketing and communication.

This concept is not new: Businesses need a video marketing plan. The importance of video has changed across all platforms and channels.

Video is no longer just a part of your overall marketing strategy. It plays a key role in your outreach and promotional activities, especially your social media strategy. So, if you are not yet sure whether to invest in video marketing or not, we have listed the top benefits of video marketing along with the trends you can follow to get the most out of this business.

6 Overarching Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing In 2022

There are a number of reasons why businesses should consider adding video marketing to their marketing plans; however, we have covered some important reasons for using video marketing. 6 overarching reasons to use video marketing in 2022 are:

video marketing tool trends from 2016-2021

Reason #1 – Users prefer content in video format

If you are not sure if video marketing is useful or valuable, consider the following statistics: Video content receives 11% of total Facebook content and 8 billion views per day – and before you consider Facebook. Arm. Live stream and its narrative features.

According to recent case studies, YouTube is not only the second largest search engine after Google but also the second most popular website on the planet, with over 1 billion hours of daily time. Watch the video content.

People love to watch simple and straightforward videos. Finding them is easy, fun, and often informative. Consider a large audience interested in learning more about your products and services, which is the first benefit on our list of video marketing benefits.

Marketers who do not use video content marketing run the risk of losing a large audience and possibly losing money.

Reason #2 – Video can help you improve your relationships with your customers

video marketing customer journey

We already know that consumers love watching videos and that video content affects sales, but there are many more.

Well-designed content enhances audience engagement and communication and gives your brand a sense of trust, confidence, and honesty — all key features for customers looking to engage with the business.

For example, marketers should consider using external reviews as a tool. Not only do you build honesty and trust with the audience by partnering with top Influencers to review your product or service, you also spread information about your brand through popular influencers.

Reason #3 – You can increase the conversion rate with video marketing

According to a recent study, adding videos to your product or service website can increase sales by 144%.

“Detailed video” is a great way to include video content‌ on a product or service landing page. This is an opportunity for the user to watch a short film that usually describes everything about your product or service in a catchy or funny way.

In this situation, it is beneficial to keep a finger on the pulse. The content of the videos is constantly changing. Product video (live presentation of your product or service) and online product reviews and reviews are two current trends to explore.

Customers love this content and by placing it on product and service sites, you can unexpectedly increase conversions and revenue.

Reason #4 – Your competitors are probably already doing video marketing

According to a recent study, 93% of marketers consider video to be an important part of their marketing strategy, which has grown from 92% in 2022. This number is expected to increase as more professionals watch the video. There are many benefits that videos can bring to a campaign.

There is nothing more frustrating than creating a great video that follows best practices and practices, most of today’s videos are breathtaking.

Therefore it is very important to act quickly and be unique when establishing a distinctive brand.

That said it is important not to pursue malicious content video after video. High-quality content with a large number of views is much better than low-quality videos with a low number of views.

Reason #5 – Google is also a fan of video content

video marketing google search

In addition to the fact that videos are a great part of many marketing endeavors and a great tool for providing information, another surprising benefit that marketers like is your search engine results page ranking.

If you take the time to make sure your video content is SEO optimized, great, and relevant with thumbnail, title, and content, videos can deliver a lot of organic traffic to your site, improve your locations and create views. Excellent quality.

As you can see, Google supports videos (especially from YouTube) for a variety of high-intent keywords on page 1.

Reason #6 – Video has a bright future

The way we use technology is also changing and evolving. For video content, this means using more formats than ever before to impress and adapt the audience.

From face-to-face marketing videos to live broadcasts, it is important to look at how videos can have a greater impact. With the future of VR, AR, and streaming services looming now is a good time to start with video content and stay up to date with the latest ways to reach people.

Video marketing trends that every business should follow in 2022

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to interact with modern customers in a digital environment. Videos have become one of the most popular and sought-after content on almost every internet platform. By 2022 every successful business and organization will need to use video marketing. We love watching videos everywhere from news feeds to social media to posts because they communicate information faster and more effectively.

Brands can use video marketing to increase conversions and increase audience engagement in 2022. Here are six of the most interesting and important video marketing trends that you should definitely follow.

1. Animated explainer videos

 videos animation

With the growing popularity of social media giants like YouTube and TikTok, we can not ignore animation video trends.

We anticipate that the popularity of animated explainer videos will grow in 2022 as one of the top video marketing trends. Animated videos are still used by many companies around the world to artistically promote their products and services, teaching customers how to use them. Due to workers and many other corporate and marketing reasons. We hope that businesses in various industries will further benefit from animated annotations.

2. The importance of live video streaming increases

Although live video streaming has been very popular in the past, it is expected to grow this year as well. We can not ignore the huge impact of Twitch TV on promoting live video streaming as the most entertaining way to communicate with viewers. It all started with the game streaming on Twitch. However, it has become a new style of content that is gaining track even among musicians, podcasters, and yoga instructors!

People love to interact with influencers in real-time and it has become one of the most popular video trends in 2022. This is especially true during the coronavirus lockdown when we all have to stay at home. 2022 are following people who are influencing new video content trends and businesses can also benefit.

3. Buyable videos are gaining popularity

Another huge video marketing concept that is gaining momentum is buyable video. They allow customers to purchase goods on the spot. One button in these movies takes the audience to a store where they can easily shop. Shopping videos are increasingly used on social media and have become one of the largest marketplaces online. This type of video content will be mandatory for all companies by 2022.

After seeing your video ad, people no longer need to go out and actively search for items. They can now directly click on the product in the video to redirect them directly to the landing page.

With many latest technologies and advances, the video marketing company is contributing tenfold to sales and brand awareness.

In fact, many global companies target their customers by using a combination of content localization and shopping video, which can significantly increase their sales.

4. Videos must have a storytelling element

People are attracted to real and true stories. Long descriptions in video marketing give the video “realism” and credibility. Long video ads are becoming more popular and used today.

Big companies like Subaru, Toyota, Adidas, and others create ads that look like short films, tell the stories of everyday people and show how the brand helps them in their daily lives. Since this usually focuses on the consumer rather than the goods, this type of video advertising is less commercial and more attractive. It is one of the most popular trends in the video industry and can help you build more credibility with your audience and potential users.

5. The big thing after 360-degree video experiences

Various video trends are coming and going fast and 360-degree video will be even more popular next year. Most companies consider movies to be a great way to showcase their products and services. Modern technology, on the other hand, provides a more comprehensive view of how things are presented. 360-degree video experiences are available.

They give the impression that buyers can test a product before buying it. Users get a unique viewing experience with 360-degree videos, which helps businesses retain them. Compared to other video formats, 98% of customers think 360-degree videos are more interesting.

A prime example is the 360-degree video ad created by Hong Kong Airlines. Undoubtedly, here is one of the best examples of futuristic clips that fit the video advertising trends for 2022.

6. This is the era of vloggers

Vlogging is becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate with a target audience. We have already seen the personal vlogging trend. People often like to use movies to describe their lives, share their knowledge, communicate with others, or express themselves. Today, however, major influencers and large companies have also begun to use blogging to connect with their customers.

Companies create YouTube channels to display their routines, team members’ articles, secret recipes, behind-the-scenes details, and, of course, information about their new products or services. The beauty company, Goop, owns a YouTube channel, which is a prime example. They follow all the latest video marketing trends and use them to promote their business.

7. Brand leaders combine vlogging and influencer marketing

Some companies use vlogging and “executive” influencer marketing. It involves brand leaders acting as influencers and posting films with their followers, sharing their insights and personal experiences as they promote the business. Of all the video production trends for 2022, it looks the most authentic and audience-friendly. It shows that businesses and brands are run by ordinary people like us and that everyone can connect.

The bottom line

Since video is probably the most attractive and addictive type of content on the internet, it is not surprising that video marketing trends change year by year. As companies recognize the value of films such as product presentations and customer testimonials, they devote more time, effort, and creativity to them. Reality is important, so think about how your business is different from others and demonstrate it in the video.

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