Place ads above Google search results

When users search on Google, text ads may appear above or below search results. It is not possible to post more than four ads above the search results.

Ad position on the page is determined by Ad Rank, a combination of bid, ad quality at the time of the auction (including click-through rate, relevance ad, and landing page experience), relevant thresholds, user search context (location, device, time and search terms, other ads and search results on the page, and additional user metrics and attributes), and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.

In this article, you will find some tips to improve the position of your ad.


To appear in a prominent position, an ad must meet the corresponding rank thresholds. The thresholds for displaying search results above are generally higher than those required for displaying search results below, which is why ads above results have higher CPCs than ads below.

How do encourage ads to appear at the top of the page?

To help your ads appear at the top of the page, follow these tips:

  • Improve Ad Rank: Include information in your ads that is more relevant to your business to improve your expected click-through rate (CTR) and create ads with extensions, such as sitelinks. Further information.
  • Be relevant: Make sure your ads and landing pages match user searches. Irrelevant ads may be shown, but with high CPC and not get many clicks; therefore, they will not perform well over time.
  • Bid competitively: Bid high enough to compete with other advertisers bidding on the same keywords. Review the estimated top-of-page bids to get an idea of ​​the bid needed to compete for a top-of-page position.
  • Monitor campaign results: small, ongoing optimizations can have a big impact down the road.
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