The Difference Between Digital Marketing and Network Marketing. Digital marketing is any kind of marketing whereas online marketing and network marketing are individual sales that take place on an individual level. For understanding the difference we have to understand both the terms separately.

What is Digital Marketing?



Digital marketing is any activity that is done online for brand promotion or to generate leads. These include search engine optimization, content development, social media management, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, website restoration and maintenance, mobile marketing, and more. 

At the top level, digital marketing refers to advertising provided by digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Digital marketing is the way companies approve goods, services, and brands using these online media channels. Consumers rely heavily on digital ways to research products. For example, think of Google Marketing Insights, where 48% of users start their search on search engines, 33% search for branded websites, and 26% search for mobile applications.

The Modern-day Digital Marketing

Modern-day digital marketing is an extensive system of channels in which marketers have to keep their brand only on board, while online advertising is much more complex than just channels. To realize the true potential of digital marketing, marketers need to dig deeper into today’s vast and complex cross-channel world to find strategies that can make an impact through engagement marketing.

Engagement marketing is the process of conducting meaningful conversations with potential and returning customers based on the data you collect over time. By engaging customers in the digital landscape, you build brand awareness, position yourself as an industry thinker and put your business at the forefront when the customer is ready to buy.

By implementing the Omnichannel Digital Marketing Strategy, sellers can gather valuable insights into the behavior of the target audience as they open the door to new avenues of customer engagement. In addition, companies may see an increase in retention. According to the Invest report, companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement strategies have an average of 89% of customers compared to weak Omnichannel programs with a retention rate of only 33%.

For the future of digital marketing, we can see a steady increase in the variety of wearable devices available to consumers. Forbes predicts that social media will become more conversational in the B2B space, video content will be enhanced for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, and email marketing will become more personal.

“Digital is paramount in marketing today – it’s changed from ‘one thing to marketing’ to ‘one thing to marketing’.”


On the other hand,

What is Network Marketing?



Network marketing is a business model that often relies on individual sales by independent agents working from home. Network marketing requires building a network of business partners or sales ups to assist the business lead generation and close sales.

There are many well-known network marketing activities, but some are referred to as pyramid schemes. Customers may focus less on sales than on hiring subsequent vendors, who will have to pay in advance for more expensive starter kits.

Network marketing is about selling your contacts from person to person by increasing the network. It is also known by various names such as multi-level marketing, referral marketing, affiliate marketing, and more. Network marketing is done by encouraging marketers to build another network to sell. The seller receives a commission for selling these products.

How does Network Marketing work?


difference between digital marketing and network marketing


Network marketing can be called by many names, including multilevel marketing (MLM), cellular marketing, affiliate marketing, consumer-direct marketing, referral marketing, or home-based business franchising.

Companies that follow the network marketing model often equate marketers — that is, marketers are encouraged to hire their own marketers’ network. Producers in the new range (or “offline”) receive a commission on their sales and sales made by individuals in the range they have created (“downline”). Over time, a new series leads to another series, which pays higher commissions for the top tier and the middle tier.

Therefore, the seller’s earnings depend on the hiring and product sales. Those who come early and are at a higher level do more.

Digital marketing VS Network Marketing – Point of difference

Let’s have a look at the main point of difference between Digital Marketing and Network marketing.

Table of camparison between digital marketing and network marketing

difference between digital marketing and network marketing
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The main difference between digital marketing and network marketing

1. The Nature of Marketing – Digital marketing is very flexible in nature. It can be easily used by small, medium, or large companies. Not all companies use network marketing because of company time, effort, and business goals.

2. Online vs. Offline – Digital marketing takes place online, while network marketing takes place offline.

3. Manpower – Digital marketing requires less manpower compared to network marketing.

4. Push vs Pull Marketing – Digital marketing is a pull marketing strategy in which you try to attract the attention of customers. Network marketing is a push marketing strategy in which you try to reach customers to sell products.

5. Time and effort – you can expect quick results from your digital marketing efforts. Network marketing takes time to grow. Growing a business requires a lot of effort from the sales team.

6. Human Interaction – Digital marketing does not require human interaction. Network marketing is person-to-person, so it requires human interaction.

7. Learning – In order to implement digital marketing activities, one needs to learn digital marketing skills. This can be learned on the job or by joining a training institute. The first requirement for network marketing is that you need to know the products/services you want to sell and develop a good sales network through your salesmanship.

8. Money – Based on your marketing budget, you can customize your digital marketing campaign. Network marketing is not so easy to customize. You need to set up a team of good sales professionals to grow the network.

9. Flexibility – Flexibility in implementing the digital marketing campaign. If the results are not achieved, you can change the plan or stop in the middle. There are many online tools to monitor results. Once you have started a network marketing plan, it can be difficult to change it. It is very difficult to stop this completely.

10. Monitoring Results – If you have a computer/smartphone and internet connection, you can monitor your digital marketing campaign results anytime and anywhere. You can not monitor the network marketing campaign very closely.

11. Supply Chain – The supply chain of products is important in network marketing. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. So for that, you must have the product when you want to show it to the customers. There is no such requirement in digital marketing. You can showcase product capabilities through online videos, content materials, online brochures, etc.

12. Support – Digital marketing supports your network marketing strategy. You can use digital media such as social media, YouTube videos, websites, etc. to promote your products. Network marketing does not help in your digital marketing efforts.

Final thoughts

Digital marketing and Network marketing are both important marketing strategies that companies can implement. The decision on a specific marketing strategy is at the discretion of the senior members of the company. Members should think about digital marketing strategy or network marketing strategy or both before implementing it.

It can determine the future of your overall brand strategy. The company can make more effective use of these two marketing elements by creating a better marketing strategy. But in the end, it is important to know that ‘the customer is always the king’ and your sales strategy will not be effective if your company does not believe in this philosophy.

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