Graphic Designer Job Description

A graphic designer is responsible for creating and editing images to translate ideas and messages using graphic forms used in all kinds of media such as multimedia productions, advertising projects, project publishing, or any other graphic design project.

The graphic designer creates the needs and ideas of his clients while putting forward his own ideas. He then does research to find images and illustrations she can use in her project.


A graphic designer may be employed in an advertising or communications agency, creative studio, publishing house, press company, or in the communications division of a company. The graphic designer may be affiliated with the designers or be self-employed.

Therefore, his career can be pursued as a self-employed person or as an employee. Therefore, evolution is not done in the same way depending on the situation. The graphic designer may also be requested in the context of competitions.

One piece of advice: take care of your best resume book (collection of personal work).

Be curious and stay informed about current events. A keen sense of organization will allow him to manage his work time so that he is never caught off guard in a profession where the unexpected is necessary. The graphic designer must know how to work in haste and often meet very tight deadlines.


Graphics are everywhere today! Example: What is the common point between a website, logo, poster, or packaging? It all originates from the graphic designer, the communications specialist who develops the universe of a product, a company, and gives it a visual identity.


First and foremost, the graphic designer is there to turn ideas into images.
It identifies and analyzes a customer’s request and then develops a concept related to the expectations of the addressee and the message to be conveyed through the graphic charter (definition of colors, typography, paper, etc.) and production (design and creation, implementation). and printing).


Technical and artistic training of graphic designers is mainly done through BTS as the first level of education.

Here’s an address to train you in this business: IPESAA in Montpellier. Students who join the Graphic Design BTS at IPESAA school train in the graphic design professions within two years. Artistic and graphic creation-based instruction enables students to specialize in a variety of visual communication projects. In two years, graphic design students will acquire all the necessary artistic knowledge.

To access this, students must have completed one year of Foundation or MANAA or a Baccalaureate in applied arts.

5 Qualities to be a Graphic Designer (graphic designer)

Being a good graphic designer requires having an artistic sense, but also having the following qualities:

  • Drawing skills;
  • Intellectual curiosity to develop new creative ideas;
  • Attention to detail, meticulousness, and precision;
  • Sense of initiative and autonomy;
  • Ease of adaptation to technological changes.

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