Do you want to start working in digital marketing, but don’t know where to start or how to do it?

In this article, we will look at it together!

Nowadays the number of people who want to start working in digital marketing is increasing.

How do I start with digital marketing?

How to Start with Digital Marketing From Scratch

With the birth of social media and the development of technology that allows us to experience more and more interactions with the digital world, the work born in this field is obviously increasing.

At the same time, there is a growing demand from companies to find these professionals in the sector.

But what skills are needed to work in this field?

Is it possible to work in digital marketing without prior experience?

Today we will answer these questions and see which are the most requested jobs as part of digital marketing.

And, above all, we will see how to start a career in this field, even from scratch!

What are the most requested statistics in the sector?

Before discovering what are the skills necessary to start a Career in Digital Marketing, it is right to know which are, to date, the most requested professionals in this sector in the job market.

These figures play a fundamental role.

Thanks to them, in fact, companies are able to achieve competitive and performing results in the vast world of the web.

The vacancies to find these industry experts outnumber the number of applicants.

Not surprisingly, Google estimated that in 2020 the European Union had 1 to 2 million jobs discovered due to the lack of digital skills.

Some examples of professions in Digital Marketing are Digital Marketing Specialist, E-Commerce Manager, SEO/SEM Specialist, and Social Media Manager.

Let’s find out together!

Digital Marketing Specialist: this name is taken by those who are involved in creating specific strategies, through digital channels, to achieve business objectives.

A point of reference for the rest of the team, having a Digital Marketing Specialist in the company is now essential.

With a complete and horizontal preparation of the whole world of Digital Marketing, he is able to understand which type of channel (Social Media, Email, SEO, Advertising, etc.) is best to use to create and develop a communication strategy or campaign advertising.

E-commerce Manager: all those companies that want to sell a product or service through online platforms need an E-commerce Manager.

It is a professional figure who aims to increase the sales of e-commerce, for example by organizing and managing a promotion campaign on social media.

To do this, it will first be essential to choose the right platform for the sale of a particular product or service.

Finally, the E-commerce Manager will monitor the sales trend resulting from the actions taken to understand if the business objectives have been met.

SEO/SEM Specialist: in general, the goal of these two professionals is to bring as many visitors as possible to a website, with the ultimate intent of increasing its sales.

The difference, however, between SEO and SEM, is the way in which this goal is achieved.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or optimization for search engines, which refers to a series of activities carried out to improve the positioning of a website or its contents on the SERP, or the results page of its search engine.

All this happens in an organic way, that is free of charge, without the use of any type of advertising action.

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and, unlike SEO, it uses paid advertising spaces offered by Google.

The goal is always to increase a website’s visitors and sales.

Social Media Manager: This is a professional who is able to better manage the social profiles of a brand.

The objective context of a social media manager can be varied and vary by company.

How to start a career in Digital Marketing: Mix With Marketing

With his creative and copywriting skills, he can ensure the best choice of channels and content to reach his target audience.

The first time I discovered these works, I must admit I was quite amazed.

Through the tools that digital provides to us, we can obtain various information and perform useful actions to achieve our goals, for example:

Learn how many visitors to our website are, where they come from, and what they love most to reach users who like the content of our social pages;

Offer Your products or services to the people most targeted with what we are offering;
and many more!

In short, at first, they almost seemed like superpowers.

With study and practice, I have found out which are the perfect tools to immerse myself in this vast world!

And most importantly, I found the right path for me.

I understood that to work in digital marketing you do not need superpowers, you need technical and transversal skills i.e. hard and soft skills.

So, let’s find out which of these skills you need to know and develop in order to find a job in digital marketing!

What skills are required to work in digital marketing?

skills required to start with digital marketing.

You may not know it, but hard and soft skills are the skills needed to be prepared both personally and professionally.

Hard skills are the technical skills that we need to learn and develop to actually do a job.

Some useful skills for working in Digital Marketing can be Copywriting, Social Media, Facebook Ads, SEO, Google Ads, Email Marketing, and Data Analysis.

These are usually the skills most requested by companies, the main ones to work in this sector, but in reality, there are many others!

I know it may seem like a lot, but you will soon discover how in the digital world everything is chained to the other.

The more you become passionate about it, the more you will want to know.

Once you have developed your first skills, you will immediately want to put them into practice to see the results of your study.

This is a great way to solidify what you have learned and you should do it every time as you learn new things!

We have seen how it is essential to develop technical skills to work in Digital Marketing, but it is not enough to make you a complete professional at 360 °.

Soft skills must also be considered, i.e. skills necessary to deal with certain situations in the right way.

Knowing how to manage stress, solve problems, and be resilient and proactive.

These are just some of the soft skills that we should have if our intent is to find work in the new digital professions.

Knowing how to work in a team, learning to be flexible, and believing in a project: are all aspects that help team members achieve a common goal.

Not surprisingly, these are the qualities most requested by startups today.

Well, now that we have seen what are the skills you need to start working in Digital Marketing, let’s find the answer to a fundamental question.

Can you start working in Digital Marketing from scratch?

can I start with digital marketing.

The answer to this question is: absolutely yes!

In the article on alternatives to university, in fact, we saw that there are equally valid specialization courses with which, if you are in doubt, you could replace (or even complement) a university course, even starting from scratch.

That’s what I did too.

Of course, at the beginning having previous knowledge in the sector would have undoubtedly helped me to become familiar with the technicalities and the language of this world more quickly.

But with a good dose of courage, I realized that jumping was the best choice I could make.

Obviously, practicing is essential when we decide to approach this world for the first time.

And if we have already developed consolidated knowledge in the sector, what really makes the difference when we want to work in this environment is the concrete demonstration of the skills developed.

Precisely this need to want to “get my hands dirty” and put myself to the test led me to mixwithmarketing, where I discovered the possibility of being able to experiment with different Training Paths, such as Digital Marketing, Data Science, UX/UI Design, Web, and App Development, Blockchain and Startup.

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