New Media Advertising: meaning & definition

New media advertising uses new technologies to reach customers, especially on the internet. While there were still advertisements in print, radio, and television, the influence of traditional advertising waned, forcing the marketing industry to consider new media avenues.

Consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet to communicate, get news, and buy products. A computer screen may be the most effective way to reach these tech-savvy consumers.

New media is interactive and driven by the Internet. Websites consist of blogs (web logs), vlogs (video diaries), audio and video news feeds, RSS news feeds (Really Simple Syndication web updates), and social networks. These options are available to anyone with an internet connection and are a way to gain a global audience.

A large component of new media, social media consists of channels established to create online communities. Users can communicate and disseminate information widely and quickly, known as viral marketing. Strategically placed ads on these sites get people talking and messaging.

With new media comes puzzles. Statistics show that consumers are now learning about products online through trusted peers. Evidence suggests that advertising is no longer the primary influence on consumer purchasing. Potential customers visit other buyers’ blogs or forum discussions. They read buyers’ reviews and write their own user ratings. The movement led by these people empowers consumers with voice and choice.

The commercial challenge for advertisers

what is new media advertising

But marketers can take advantage of these same new outlets. Visual opportunities abound using new media advertising. Online news, podcasts, and video logs (vlogs) give advertisers the ability to show customers exactly what they’re getting. Businesses don’t just build websites, many hire staff to blog about positive product features and hold forums to get valuable feedback.

The commercial challenge for advertisers is, first and foremost, attracting people to a site. A new barrier to media advertising is the huge amount of available information that leads to overwhelming competition. Businesses need to be firm and confident about why consumers should choose them over others.

New media advertising is full of hope

new media advertising is full of hope

Another problem is keeping up with the ever-changing technology and trends. After realizing that new media advertising is the standard, companies need to understand trends to keep their strategies up to date. For example, the demographics of people using social networking sites have changed dramatically in the short time since its inception, and this can be daunting for advertisers looking for a budget of up to a year.

New media advertising is full of hope. There has never been another way to tell people about a good product or company. Keeping up with trends is tough, but new media advertising can get more done in less time.

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