If you want your social media conversions to grow, this guide is just the thing to help you. 

Data shows that 77% of customers are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social media. 

The figure highlights how social media marketing campaigns can boost conversion rates and sales when you nail them.   

However, increasing your social media conversions is no walk in the park. 

You need to be strategic with your approach and use the best tools to get more conversions and drive traffic to your website through social media.

That is why we created this blog post on the five tried and tested tips to help you get more social media conversions for your online business. 

Let’s get right to it. 

1.  Create captivating posts

Posting creative and catchy posts is a surefire way to grab your audience’s attention.

Make your social media posts compelling enough to draw your viewer’s eye while providing relevant, entertaining, or emotionally-driven content. 

Create simple posts with a universal appeal. 

For example, including trending TikTok quotes in your videos can draw attention to your posts, helping you gain more views, comments, and shares. 

The more people you can engage with your post, the more opportunities of converting them into customers and loyal followers. 

However, creating catchy social media posts can take a lot of work and time. 

An excellent solution? Modern social media management platforms. 

For instance, Vista Social offers a content calendar and post-scheduling features (among other sophisticated tools). 

Create your social media posts and set optimal posting times and dates. 

The platform will auto-publish your content to your linked social media profiles for you. 

create captivating post

                           Image source: vistasocial.com

You can plan and schedule several months’ worth of social media content, from Instagram posts to TikTok videos. 

A robust social media management tool removes manual tasks, freeing up time and resources you can use to make more compelling posts.

Incorporate content writing best practices into your social media posts. It can help draw more eyeballs to your posts and brand and, in turn, drive engagement and conversions. 

2. Optimize your landing pages

A crucial step in converting prospects into customers is to lead them from your social media feeds to your dedicated landing pages. 

However, if your landing page is a huge letdown and doesn’t deliver the expectation you set with your social media post, your prospects will likely bounce.

You lose conversion opportunities and waste time and resources. 

Provide a seamless browsing experience from your social media post to your landing page. It can help reel in your audiences and entice them to buy your products and services.

Ensure users can get to your shopping, click-through, or lead-gen landing page quickly and lay out all the essential details. 

Doing so can lead to a connected shopping experience for your potential customers. 

For instance, you can post an Instagram Story with product stickers and links. Users can click on the link and, they’re instantly on your landing page. 

Nothing says easy social shopping than clothing brand Bershka’s Instagram Story with a link to its shopping page.

display customer testimonials

You can also include relevant hashtags in your posts. It can boost your content’s discoverability and searchability across social media users. 

A hashtag tactic can work the same as targeting keywords for your small business SEO strategy—increasing your content’s visibility.        

3. Display customer testimonials

Promoting your products to drive conversions doesn’t mean you always have to do the talking. 

Let satisfied customers speak for your products and brand by sharing customer testimonials and reviews across your social media news feeds. 

Testimonials are great for showing real-life examples and experiences from your happy customers. 

The reviews can work as recommendations to potential customers, influencing their purchase decisions and convincing them to buy. 

Popular cloud-based inventory management software Zoho Inventory’s Instagram post showing a customer testimonial is a classic example.  

display customer testimonials to get results

                        Image source: instagram.com

Share customer testimonials on your social media feeds to showcase the benefits your potential customers can get from your product. 

It can boost your brand’s credibility, helping you build trust with your audience and enticing them to convert and buy. 

4. Convey human emotions in your posts

Emotions are powerful motivators. 

Don’t believe it? 

Look at how many brands go for the sucker-punch-to-the-heart ads that make for an unforgettable watch. 

They work, and with the right strategy, they can get more people to convert and buy. 

Understand human emotions and buyer sentiments. 

It can help you get the most out of your social media content and promotions and use them to support your efforts to convert followers to paying customers.  

Conveying emotions through social media posts can make your target audience feel special. 

It’s a great way to connect with your audiences better, foster relationships, and engage them for higher conversions. 

Dove is one brand that nails this by sharing inspiring stories about real-life customers on Instagram.

convey human emotions

Acknowledge your customers and what your audience might feel to evoke emotions from prospects. 

It can help nudge them into action, generating targeted leads and conversions for your brand. 

Include your emotionally-driven social media posts in your content tracking strategy to monitor and analyze their effectiveness in driving conversions.  

5. Use catchy CTAs

It can take more than a stunning visual or witty caption to get your audience to stop scrolling and engage with your social media posts. 

Include a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) in your posts. 

Use a catchy CTA that asks your audience to click a link, sign up, like, share, comment, and do other actions. 

For instance, if you run a digital marketing agency with SEO services, share a promotional post with a CTA that asks customers to buy SEO articles with free links

Remember to keep your CTAs casual and engaging. 

Avoid using CTAs that are too pushy or sales-y, or you could turn off prospects from converting into buyers.  

Keep your CTAs simple, subtle, but compelling, as monday.com does in its IG post below. 

use catchy CTAs

                    Image source: instagram.com

Be creative with your CTAs to lead your prospects to engage with your content and brand and, ultimately, convert. 

Use CTAs such as tag-a-friend, comment below, click the link in bio, save this post, and others. 

Step up your efforts to drive more social media conversions

Getting more social media conversions won’t happen in a snap, but you can supercharge the process with the right strategies and tools. 

Jumpstart your efforts to turn your social media feeds and campaigns into lead-generating machines and boost conversions with the tips in this post. 

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