It’s true that your email list is the lifeblood of any online business. So creating an email list is something you have to do from the beginning. List building is a very easy process if you have some tools before you start. One of the most important tools you need is an email autoresponder. Without autoresponder building, your inventory would be very difficult, if not impossible.

Fortunately, there are a few different email autoresponders out there and they are usually easily and cheaply available, some for free. And for the most part, it is very easy to use. You do not need to spend a lot of money to get started, nor do you need special skills. In this guide, I will not only acknowledge You with What is an email autoresponder but also suggest my personal favorite email autoresponder available with a 30-day free trial so make sure to stay connected till the end.

What is an Email Autoresponder?

Autoresponders are messages that you set up to automatically go to your email list. They will help you by automatically sending emails and newsletters to recipients who sign up for your list.

You can schedule each message set (called a scheduled campaign) to go through your list in the order you define it. You can decide which messages will be sent by which campaign and also control the rate at which they are sent. For example, you may want to send an email to a new customer in 1,2,3,4,5 day, and then reduce the email rate to 7,10,14 days, etc. Compose your messages in advance and keep track of who and when they sent them.

Just go through the video below explaining email autoresponders



They will tell you how many of your recipients have opened messages, clicked on links, and more.

The best autoresponders give you the ability to create and manage newspapers, as well as hundreds of templates.

As you can see, an autoresponder service is actually an important part of your inventory-building arsenal. Without it, collecting and maintaining your email addresses is almost impossible. Trying to track the messages you send to each person’s address can also be a nightmare.

There are two types of email autoresponder services …

Self-hosted Email Autoresponder:

Self-hosted email autoresponders usually do not charge you a monthly fee. They usually have an upfront fee for the autoresponder. However, due to the problems that arise when using this method what you initially saved will be spent later.

First, with self-hosted email autoresponders, you have the real opportunity to deliver all your messages to your recipient’s spam folder. This is because self-hosted autoresponders generally do not have the ability to prevent messages from being filtered as spam.

Second, you have to deal with spam complaints that come to you yourself. When you use a hosted service, they usually handle any spam complaints they receive on your behalf. With a hosted service, you have the option to use Double Opt. This will ensure that you receive extra protection in case of any spam complaints.

Third, hosted services usually give you the ability to back up your listings in case something goes wrong. With a self-hosted autoresponder, it’s entirely up to you. You have to do some maintenance with it and suddenly the money you are saving may not seem so good value.

Hosted Email Autoresponder:

Very little of a headache to use hosted autoresponder services. Not only are they usually white-listed with very large ISPs, but they also ensure that you are protected when you receive any spam complaints. They also have additional useful features that you may not find with a self-hosted autoresponder.

There are many host services for you to choose from and each comes with its own pros and cons. If you have not used the autoresponder service before, it can be very difficult to determine what fits your personal needs.

With this in mind, I am going to give you a brief summary of the five most popular autoresponder services available today. Then you can better decide what is right for you. Remember, once you make a choice you should stay with the same service until you run your business. If you decide six months in advance to change your autoresponder, you will have the wonderful and somewhat difficult task of transferring your list to your new service.

Transferring your inventory to a new service can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Your new Autoresponder service will ask for all your lists to re-verify your subscriptions. In the best case, it will take a long time, in the worst case you may lose most of your email list in the process.

Obviously, if you spend the last six months creating your list, it will be a big blow. As you can see, it is important to choose the right autoresponder service from the beginning.

Importance of Email autoresponders


Email Autoresponder


Using email autoresponders for your online business keeps a large part of your email marketing automated, and if you set things up appropriately. With an autoresponder installed on your website, your customers will be able to receive specific important messages about your business and offers.

With this advantage, you don’t need to bother about sending these messages manually, as it is a fully automatic setup. This only makes the importance of using autoresponders all the more clear. In short, they help you save the time it takes to run your online business by avoiding manual work. Learn about the importance of building an email list.

How can you use Email autoresponders to help promote your online business?

• You can use them to forward custom birthday greetings along with other related offers to customers listed on your mailing list.

• You can transition from one stage of communication to another after a customer purchases an item/product. For example, you can move a customer from a ‘prospect’ level chain of messages to an ‘upsell’ chain of communication.

• You can forward emails to customers exactly one month after they purchase the product. This can be done to induce them to renew the ‘policy or guarantee’.


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When autoresponders are used in such creative and meaningful ways, they can help generate substantial sales and income – along with a high return on investment for your business.

To use them, you can sign up with popular providers like MailChimp, Getresponse, Aweber, active campaign, or Campaign Monitor, etc. These providers are renowned for providing robust autoresponders to businesses with dedicated tools for hosting mailing lists and forwarding newsletters and messages.

Finally, autoresponders when set up and used properly can help online businesses automate a lot of marketing activities and tailor specific messages to mailing lists for profit-building and client engagement. Learn about email marketing challenges and their solution.

Autoresponder can be defined as a program that responds automatically when your email is received. They can be complex or very simple. So to understand what an auto responder is, think of an email system that is set up to automatically respond to pre-written texts or a system capable of filling out forms. It searches for any more information on the offer.


email marketing challanges


Success in Internet Marketing

You can achieve a lot of success in internet marketing by automating repetitive tasks as much as possible. Autoresponder is very helpful because they allow you to be more effective and they help you achieve more in less time. Time is a very precious thing. If you can use your time effectively, you will be able to increase your income significantly.

What remains to be seen?

Very important and there are many things to consider when choosing the best email autoresponder. Among them are:

Personalization features


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Personalization is a great way to address all the clients in your letters by their names. When you do this, your response rate actually increases. Most people have the opportunity to open messages and review them when they are created individually. Autoresponder’s preference over personalization will give you great returns. explore practical email marketing ideas.

Transmission capacity

When you think of special ads, updates, and discount offers for the full list, the ability to stream is a feature that really helps. You can get a response very quickly after the message is sent. All you have to do is press the send button and everyone will know what is on offer.

Ability to import



Sometimes you just want to change those lists or even the listings you bought and if you have the import feature, it will be much easier and faster to achieve.

Size Matters

As you continue to do your online marketing, you will have a huge number of customer lists. Your autoresponder should be able to handle this number of users without any hassle. An added benefit is being able to maintain long lists.

The first type of autoresponder was created by agents in the mail transfer sector and they realized that email could not be delivered to a fixed address other than receiving bounce messages. Today, it is important to make sure that email backscatter is not created because auto-responses are actually sent to the spam folder of messages.

Autoresponders are important email marketing tools and they convey important information to various potential customers. Follow-ups also take place at predetermined time intervals.


Autoresponders are classified into two. They are server-side, which allows different users to install the system on their servers and do not require any technical skills. There are also outsourcing ASP models that can work in the provider’s infrastructure. Can be configured via the web-based control panel as mentioned above.

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