Google Ads is a great tool that can be used to make your ads available to people who search for specific words. or keyword phrases, such as red shoes’, ‘LED TV’, ‘Edinburgh hotel,’ ‘family car,’ and so on. In this article, we will cover ” What you need to know about Google Ads”

where a particular user submits his or her search again, keywords that are searched, Ads can be provided with many formats:

Google Ad Types:

  • Image Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Call only Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • App promotion Ads


Google Ads



Setting Keywords Cost per click or CPC

When You set up an Ad to identify a specific set of keywords in Google Ads. the main stage is setting up Key bid. When you set up your Keyword.
Bid word with interest for each click, you are indicating the amount you are willing to pay by clicking on Advertisement for the person seeking your keyword.
At the time of writing, in relevant search, Google shows 4 paid results at the top of the search results pages, and 4 at the bottom of the search results pages.
The bid price will affect which of your ads is displayed within those 4 paid results (assuming your bid is high enough to appear on page 1.)
However, it is not only the amount you pay that determines where your ad will be displayed. Other factors that affect bid include:
  • How relevant is your Ad to search queries?
  • How relevant is your Ad to its landing pages?
  • How relevant is Keyword to Ad group?
  • PPC click history (CTR) ad rate and its ad group
  • Overall historical performance.


Google Ads



Keyword Research For Google Ads

Before you set up your PPC Ads, and before writing the copy, it’s important to explore which keywords people are searching for, that are relevant to your product, offering, industry, or campaign. This process is often referred to as keyword research or Keyword Analysis.
Start your keyword research with Mongools
There are many online tools that can be used to do keyword research. One of the most common and powerful things to use is Google Keyword Planner. A free-to-use tool that provides search volume information, as well as other keyword ideas based on user keywords.
Google ads dashboard




Google Ads Dashboard


Once relevant keywords have been identified through research, the target keywords have several specific purposes:


1. If you intend to use Google AdWords search ads, keywords that are targeted to your ads campaigns. And your ads will be displayed within the search results of those keywords.

2. Here, it will allow you to expand your copy of the ad, so when people see yours

Ads will support their interests or needs, so those who see you as
are more likely to be interested and involved.
To learn more about how your target audience is searching for your products, do keyword analysis. One of the most common and powerful things to use is Google Keyword Planner.

Long-tail & Shot-tail keywords

Keywords are generally categorized as two types that we can use for our campaigns. Long-tail and Short-tail.

Long-tail keywords are used to identify a specific area or niche, market by using four or five words to create a long search query, with the highest focus on the product/service/object being searched for.

Keywords with short tails, active keywords, targeting large groups, and unspecified search engine queries.
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