Anchor text is text attached to a page with a clickable hyperlink. If you want to use anchor text when linking to another source, be it another URL, PDF document, or any other online media.

Here is an example of HTML that features anchor text:

<a href=””> Digital marketing blog </a>

In this example, “Digital marketing blog” is the anchor text.

What is an Anchor text?

Anchor text is clickable text or hyperlinks. SEO best practices highlight that the anchor text should be relevant to the page you are linking to, rather than plain text. Although it is possible to change the color and underline via HTML code, blue, underlined anchor text is more common because it is the web standard. Keywords in anchor text are one of the many sources used to identify the content of a web page.

Please go through the video below clearly explaining the anchor text



Anchor text is also known as a link label or link title. The words in the anchor text help determine the ranking the page receives from search engines such as Google or Yahoo and Bing (learn about bing ads). Links that do not have anchor text are usually found on the web and are called ***** URLs or URL anchor text. Different browsers display anchor text differently, and regular use of anchor text helps to rank the page for keywords in search engines.

What are the best practices for anchor text?

Although we have almost no control over the anchor text used by other sites to link back to our website, we have the ability to choose on our own. It is best to keep your anchor text to a minimum and this has been the case since the release of Google Penguin.

Although there is no standard number of words to use as anchor text, search engines pay attention to your anchor text and the keywords in it. Also, the entire paragraph of linked blue anchors may be visible to the naked eye and may not appear as an acronym for keywords.

When considering what to link to through your anchor text, keep in mind the relevance of the image of the page. Linking to an irrelevant page when bots crawl your site will not help your ranking. Part of your SEO strategy is to link to the most relevant, informative pages you provide.

Why is Anchor text important for SEO?



Despite the anchor texts from the beginning of the internet, many webmasters still do not follow the best practices when writing them.

optimizing anchor text for your internal and external links can help your SEO in many ways.

  • Anchor text optimized for internal links helps search engines understand site structure
  • Anchor text in incoming links can help you get higher rankings for specific search terms.
  • Good anchor text in external links helps users understand which link they want to click.
  • Anchor text helps in providing information to search engine crawlers which improves SEO.

What are the types of anchor text?

Anchor text

Different types of anchor text include:

Exact match anchor text refers to the use of the target keyword of the page you want to rank as anchor text. For example, using “anchor text” as anchor text for this page. also, learn about alt-text.

Partial match Using a partial match anchor text means that you use your target keyword as well as other keywords. For example, use “Understanding Link Text” as your anchor text when optimizing for “anchor text”.

Phrase matching This type of anchor text refers to the use of a phrase that you would like to rank in other keywords related to the phrase. An example of this is “Importance of Anchor Text for SEO”.

Branded anchor text is anchor text using only your brand name. For example, “Mix with marketing – The DM blog.”
*****. ***** Anchor text is just a URL in the form of anchor text. For example, “” as an anchor text. This is the preferred way to use text because it looks awkward in the middle of the content.

 Plain anchor text must be CTA. An example is “click here” or “learn more”.
Images. The image anchor text is also similar to the CTA. Here, you use the anchor text on the image. For example, “Demo Bright Edge Today!” The anchor in the image is the text button. You must also provide image alt text.

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